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    Janet M

    My 8 year boxer has been having issues with either having very small soft stools and bouts of diarrhea. He had his stools check and the vet found no infections/parasites etc. They put him on antibotics just in case. They did a complete blood and urine work up and nothing showed up except his urine was very diluted. He has been drinking more water lately. We have tried so many different dry dog foods. He has been on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and that has not helped. I have even been putting pumkin in his food. For the last few days I took him off the dog food and only gave him boiled white meat chicken with a little pumpkin mixed in. It helped a little but he was still going soft and very little stool. Now he is back on the Science Diet and has diarrhea again. Any suggestions on what dry food to try now? I have two boxers and can’t afford to spend 75.00 a bag when I go through a 30 pound bag about every 2 weeks. They checked him for Cushings’s, diabetes etc. I think he might have IBS. Please any suggestions.

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    Zach M

    You might want to try switching food. SD is not a high quality food. Try finding a cheaper grain free food. Earthborn Primitive Natural is one that HDM recommended. I understand you are on a budget, but i think it might be the food.

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    Hi Janet-
    What a bummer! I know what you are going through. Have you been using any supplements at all? Such as digestive enzymes or probiotics? Take a look at the website dogaware.com. It has a great section on digestive health and disorders. They have terrific advise in my opinion. They talk about diarrhea, IBS, IBD, leaky gut and all that fun stuff. Lol! I’ve used some of the recommended supplements with success. Some of them are holistic, so you may want to ask your vet (or not) about them first. Good luck!

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    Hi Janet, my boy has IBD, try & keep the Fat low around 10% & under also the fiber low… protein around 23%, I know the protein is low but just try & lower the fat, fiber & protein & see if things get better.. I use the Eukanuba Intestinal low residue kibble, its the only kibble that has helped Patch, Im try & adding the Wellness Simple limited ingredients the Duck & Oatmeal..fat is 11% Protein is 19% I know the protein is low but I give Tuna in spring water drained with a little pumkin for breakfast sometimes I add a boiled egg to the mix..a good dog probiotic will also help with the sloppy poos…

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    Janet M

    Thanks all. I’ve just ordered some probiotics to start and going to look at getting a different food today. I’d like to try to see if with diet I can help Dylan before we run more tests with the vet. Since all tests done so far were negative. He had a bad day and night last night. But hope fully maybe a limited ingredient or no grain food with the probiotics will help. I guess it will be trial and error to see what works best. Thanks again.

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    I went through 2 years of this with my pug. Finally our vet tried an antibiotic powder called Tylan, or Tylosin. It was a miracle cure! I think you can order it without a Rx, but I would recommend going through your vet to get the right amount. We started out with it in capsules, 1 with each meal, but now I just sprinkle a tiny amount on her food once a day, and soon we’ll try every other day. Apparently it’s not the type of antibiotic they can build up a resistance to so it’s OK to be on for a longer term than the typical antibiotic. Plus, it beats the alternative of constant diarrhea!

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    Merry G

    Boxers just seem to be known for having digestive problems! I’ve had 4 in my lifetime and each one was unique in their belly issues. My first boxer liked yogurt and my current boxer Sage will eat it too. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle some acidolphilus (sp) on her food. It helps too. They get so excitable sometimes that they’ll throw up so I don’t encourage any friskiness after my girl drinks water or finishes eating even if she wants to play. I’ve cleaned up alot of puddles of puke over the years, lol. But I adore boxers and will have one til the end! Good luck with your bodacious boxer!

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