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    I want to start mixing some freeze dried food with my two girls kibble. i can’t decide to try Stella & Chewy’s or Primal first. Any thoughts?

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    Get some samples of both! There’s one patty/bar per sample. I’m using Primal right now since I buy it by the case. I just made 107 lbs of raw dog food yesterday too.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi: I agree with pugmomsandy, try both. I feed both brands to Bobby and three of my cats; they love both! IMO re-hydrating either is equal in time. I fed the Turkey & Sardine as a topper last month to Bobby (this month it’s beef) and he seems to like that recipe the best. He would come back to his bowl several times after finishing to lick it and make sure he didn’t leave any behind! lol

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    I’m going to get some samples!

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    Bobby dog

    Bobby just told me he gives two paws up for the Primal Turkey & Sardine FD! 😉

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    Is freeze dried food similar to dehydrated, where you just add water to hydrate and can use as a topper? Only, I’m guessing also a lot more expensive too.

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    Bobby dog

    Hey C4c:
    Yes, you add water. I feed my cats a meal of FD and Bobby gets it as a topper.

    In my experience, with the brands I have used, it takes a little longer to hydrate FD than dehydrated. I have never really compared prices/feeding between dehydrated or FD.

    Primal offers coupons and my pet store seems to always have some sort of special promo on their products every few months.

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    Lynn J

    My dogs like both, but in my area Stella and Chewy costs less than Primal, in case that is a consideration.

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