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    Amanda D

    I would like to start my 40 lb Miniature Australian Shepherd, she is over weight because my mom has a nasty habit of feeding her table food. Which it it was just some roast chicken, pork or beef, I wouldn’t mind. But she will literally fill a plate suitable for a grown man. I’m the meat, mashed potatoes, buttery veggies. Even when I ask her not too, she’ll give it to her. Luna will literally go all day without eating her kibble. I figured a Homemade diet would not only be great for Luna but also give my mom her chance to “fill” Loon’s bowl and me not get angry. I ideally would like to slim Luna down to a proper weight.

    I have watch a few of holistic vet, Dr Judy Morgan’s videos on YT, and I would like to use Luna the Crockpot recipes that she and her chef husband have created. My question, is DinoVite a good add on to make the stew a complete balanced diet? Or is there something better than DinoVite? I have read that if Homemade is not done right, your dog can end of worse off health wise than it they were fed a steady diet of 1 Star foods.

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    Dinovite is poison.

    Homemade diets are very difficult to balance, unless you hire a veterinary nutritionist.
    This is an expensive endeavor, assuming you plan to do it the right way.
    Dog food recipes on the internet and Facebook are not safe.
    Only a veterinarian that has examined your dog and knows it’s history can responsibly advise you.

    Have a talk with your mom. Have a plan.

    #1 Two measured meals per day. Quality kibble, grain inclusive or canned. Water added. A tablespoon of chopped boneless boiled chicken or another type of homemade food added. Nothing else.
    #2 NO SNACKS
    #3 Increased exercise. Several 10 minute walks around the block every day, rain or shine.
    #4 Weigh once a week. You will see results.

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    PS: Australian Shepherds are herding dogs (mini or not) they need to be active.

    Minimum 3 to 5 mile per day walks for best results. Discuss with your vet.

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    There are several good books that help guide homemade diets. Lew Olson has a book that you can find on amazon that’s helpful.

    Done properly, homemade diets aren’t anything to be afraid of.

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    Beth C

    Did you find a home made recipe and supplements. I would be interested in what homemade diet you came up with?

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    shehan D
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    Nadia K

    If you are on Facebook, I would highly recommend your join this group. – Home Cooked Diets For Dogs. They offer a wealth of information on how to keep meals balanced, what supplements to use etc.

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