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    Anyone know of a 4 star or higher rated dry food that has small kibble that’s not actually suited for small breeds. My 105 pound American Bulldog mix and 45 pound Catahoula Leopard Dog mix are so particular when it comes to their food.

    One day were were out visiting a friend, who on the advice of her vet, feeds her 40 pound mixed breed Purina One (she’s now overweight…I’m not surprised). My dogs zeroed in to her food bowl. Now I know the Purina isn’t good quality, and it was probably the additives that made the food taste good. But they also seem to like the smaller, irregular shapes of the kibble.

    All of the kibble that I’ve run across is pretty big, not an issue for my American Bulldog, but my Catahoula isn’t as enthused with it.

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    Fromm Salmon a la Veg kibble is about the size of a lentil, and is not specifically labeled for small breeds. Not sure about other flavors, but you could probably call/email them and ask, or even feel the kibble through the bag. It’s definitely the smallest non-small breed labeled dog kibble I’ve seen.

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check out their site

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    Wellness TruFood is a baked kibble and is irregular in shape. Looks like broken graham crackers.

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    Z B

    Holistic Select Adult Health is dime-sized.

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    Hi, “Canidea” formulas are all small in size, the size off small finger nail……
    Small kibble digest easier, so less chance of getting bloat, a few kibble companies are making their kibbles size smaller now… I always go to pet shops & feel the kibbles thru the bag, I don’t like “Wellness” kibbles, they are big, thick triangle in shape…..

    “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine grain free kibble is small & excellent for skin, joints, high in omega 3 fatty acids & has added DHA for brain & eyes they have a Large Breed with grains or grain free, email Holistic Select & ask is their Grain Free Large Breed kibble have small size kibbles like their other formulas?

    “Pro Pac Ultimates”, Meadow Prime Lamb & their Bayside Select Whitefish has nice size kibbles & cheaper in price same makers that make “Earthborn Holistic” also has small size kibbles but is dearer in price….my cat loves the Pro Pac Ultimates dog food…

    Canidae- http://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products
    Pro Pac Ultimates- http://www.propacultimates.com/dog-food/
    Holistic Select- http://www.holisticselect.com/

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    I emailed Fromm asking about the size of their weight management formula kibble. Both dogs need to lose some weight. I did not hear back from them before needing to order to properly transition with their remaining food, so I ordered a bag. *fingers crossed*

    I also ordered a bag of the same formula for my friend whose overweight dog eats Purina One. Hopefully some positive results will lead to a permanent food change for the better.

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