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    Does anyone use Slippery Elm for their dogs nausea & does it help, also how much do you mix up..Ive just read that Slippery Elm is good for diarrhea & tummy upsets & IBD…

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    Yes, I use slippery elm for my dogs. I think it works very well. I’ve never used it by itself, however, always in a supplement. Right now I’m using Gastriplex made by Thorne. Also, ive used Perfect Form made by The Honest KitcheN and Phytomucil by Animal Essentials that also contain it. I think it really helps with loose stools with my two lab mix dogs. I’m not sure if they have leaky guts or IBS due to giardia parasites and many treatments of antibiotics to get rid of them. It’s funny you asked about it because I was thinking of starting a thread about it also. Only becasuse I worry about the long term usage of it. Also, I’ve read that plantain, DGL, and marshmallow root are also helpful. has much info on the subject.mgood luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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