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    Peter S

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out whether or not to soak my dogs’ kibble in water prior to serving, and if so, for how long ? I just started them on a new food , Farmina’s N&D low-grain (cod/spelt,oats) formula . It says nothing on the bag or on their website about soaking first. I emailed them a few days ago but haven’t heard back yet. Some of the ingredients in this food (including the 2nd top one “dehydrated cod”) are dehydrated , mostly further-down-the-list fruits & greens/veggies, and in the past, I’ve used various dehydrated/freeze-dried supplemental products like frz-dried tripe, dehydrated pumpkin, etc , and all those products’ instructions were to soak/rehydrate in water for 30min or so prior to feeding…

    Thanx in advance for your advice on this !

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    The ingredients are freeze dried prior to being ground up, mixed with water, formed, and cooked to be crunchy. You really don’t have to soak the food, but it wouldn’t hurt anything. I do it every now and then for my guys. I soak just long enough for the kibbles to get soft. I’ll put some water in, stir it up, and let it sit till the water is all absorbed. If the food is still crunchy, I add some more water and stir again. How much water I use depends on how well the brand holds water.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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