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    My dog has been on a raw diet for 3 months now and she loves it! I am experimenting with new meats slowly and providing variety. I’ve realized she does not do good with Thread Herrings, because I have tried to feed them to her twice and she always throws up.

    My main question though is whether or not I should switch to feeding her once a day?

    I currently feed twice a day; morning and night. But my dog is always searching for more food after every meal! She gets 2-2.5 lbs total a day. Her weight is 100 lbs and she has lost some weight since eating raw (which is good as she was over weight and the vet told me she needed to loose weight)

    and also when I began researching the raw diet people claimed their dogs stopped having stinky fart, but my girls farts smell like rotting meat.

    Thanks 🙂

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    I bet your dog is feeling heaps healthier & probably is looking healthier from eating a raw diet…..Yes feed 2 meals a day even 3 meals a day if she seems real hungry, just take a bit from the morning meal & dinner & feed as another small meal, space the feed times out, say 7am 1pm 6pm, so her body gets into a routine & feed the same time everyday, the brain learns, hey she’s going to eat same time & the body does not store any fat when we eat the same time daily, this is why people gain weight so easily, they don’t eat the same time everyday & their body stores fat… also eating more smaller meals thru the day is better then eating 2 larger meals….

    When I put my boy on a raw diet he was also very hungry & wanted more, after eating a dry kibble diet all his life that is full of fillers & carbs makes them feel fuller for longer, a raw diet digests easier & quicker & doesn’t sit in the stomach like a kibble does…….
    It’s sounds like your girl loves her new diet & she wants more…lol her body will get use to eating a raw diet, you could add some blended pulped veggies to her meals to make her feel fuller ….
    I made my own raw balanced diet & blended, peeled carrot, broccoli, celery & apple, I added 2 spoons of the blended veggie mix to 1 cup of grounded kangaroo mince, (my boy has food sensitivities) you can freeze the blended veggie mix in an ice cube tray cover with cling wrap & freeze, just take out of freezer 15mins before feeding time, it thaws very quickly also sweet potatoes you peel then thinly slice the sweet potatoes & bake in the oven…. google natural healthy dog treats, you might find another recipe to make natural healthy treats a lot of people buy a dehydrator & dehydrates their own meat, veggies & make fresh jerky treats for their dogs…. you can do in the oven but oven needs to on very low heat & takes a while….

    When a dog is doing smelly farts this can be a food sensitivities/food intolerances, when a dog is sensitive to an ingredient it causes toxic gasses in the bowel, a dog should fart but it shouldn’t smell bad & clear a room. You’ll need to stop all the different proteins & start again, just feed 1 protein for 4-6weeks & see if she’s still doing smelly farts, it can take from 1 day up to 6 weeks to react to certain ingredients, my boy reacts pretty much straight away, he gets red paws, itchy ears, itchy smelly yeasty skin & farts real bad, when he eats something he’s sensitive too… once I worked out what he can’t eat (chicken, barley, wheat, corn & carrots, carrots made his ear smell & itch 20mins after eating a meal with carrots) & removed these ingredients he was good, no smelly farts no more, just watch your girl after she eats what she ate when the farts start, start feeding 1 novel protein if you can get kangaroo that’s a lean novel protein & just feed the Kangaroo & 2-4 blended fruit & veggies & add meaty raw kangaroo bone 3 times a week….
    Are you feeding pre-made raw? look for a pre-made raw diet with limited ingredients that have novel proteins, like kangaroo, rabbit, venison, goat proteins she hasn’t really eaten before, also start reading the ingredient list & see is there a common ingredient when she doing bad smelly farts, her gut would of had time to a just to the raw diet she’s been eating a raw diet 3 months now, she’s probably eating ingredient she’s sensitive too….

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    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for replying. My dog is definitely healthier now. Her teeth are getting white and she has lost the extra weight she needed to loose. That makes sense that the fillers and carbs would make her feel fuller when she was on kibble. I’ll just give her more time to adjust, because also when she was eating kibble she was aloud to snack and eat whenever she wanted.
    I don’t buy premade raw. But I was wondering if it is a chicken allergy or maybe I am feeding to much chicken. So I just prepped her meal for the next 2 weeks and I am only using one chicken quarter a day with Pork and Beef Muscle. Also organs and tripe. I previously was giving her meals of just chicken, for example a leg quarter, hearts and gizzards. I am still learning and seeing what agree with her and what doesn’t.
    The past two days of less or no chicken have already reduced the amount of flatulence she was having!

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