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    Hi everyone,
    So I switched my 6month old 11lb dog from Purina One Smartblend Puppy to Acana Regionals grasslands. Lately he seems starving all the time. He scarfs down his food in seconds, usually not even chewing, and he didn’t do that with the Purina. He chewed that patiently.

    Is he acting this way because he likes the Acana more? Or does grain free make him feel hungrier? I don’t want to feed him more because he’s a good weight now, but I certainly don’t want him to feel ravenously hungry either!

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    This is very common when a dog really likes a food. It is NOT a sign of hunger any more than people overeating on Thanksgiving is a sign of hunger.

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    If he’s constantly begging and sniffing around the kitchen and dining area, then I’d say he’s hungry. If not, he just really likes his food. Once he gets used to it, and realizes he’ll be seeing more of it, he’ll slow down. You could try increasing the mount of food by a small amount and see if it helps satisfy him.

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    Joy R

    This happened to a new puppy of ours.
    We’re giving him the recommended amount for his weight. But he eats Ravenously & a few hours later is sniffing everywhere & trying to get into everything with food. He seems to be getting thinner & anxious too.. I heard acana changed the formula a while ago. So maybe they didn’t adjust the feeding amount to the new ..
    but were probably going to switch him to something different .. because he’s Definable hungry. & showing signs of being thin now..
    the feeding to weight scale seems off ..

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