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    Need some help here…I have a 8 month old great dane (have had danes all of my adult life). For the last 6 weeks, his stools have been runny..but no discoloration. I had fed him Nutro Max (large breed) from 2 months to 6.5 months. Then problems started…first eating his stools and daily runny stools. The vet has done extensive blood work and found nothing wrong. I changed his dry food to Natural Choice with chicken, brown rice and oatmeal mixture. He has been on different remedies for the loose stools (no-poop pills from the vet, pouring hot sauce on poop and now recommended alfalpha pellets). Also, different vet recommendations for loose stools (pepto bismo, slippery elm, metronidazole and immodium). This is a vicious circle. Can somebody please lead me in the right direction.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi –

    I know Nutro is having some issues right now – there are a lot of complaints about the food. There was an article featured on Truth About Pet Food in December about a woman who believes Nutro Natural Choice killed her dog – I think there might be an investigation going on. There are also over 1,000 complaints about Nutro on the Consumer Affairs website and many posters have been complaining on dfa. Have you tried supplementing with enzymes and probiotics yet? If not I would try a high quality multi-strain probiotic supplement and digestive enzymes. Both will should help with the loose stools and the enzymes may help with the stool eating as well. You may want to fast your dog for a day before switching to a new food – just to clear out his system – and for the first couple weeks on the new food add a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin.

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    Debbie D

    Has your vet checked his stools yet?

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    I also was going to ask if you have had a fecal test for giardia. My pups had runny stools when I first got them. They also were eating their stools. Very gross! I kept thinking was caused by food and switched a few times and did not help. Their poop was a weird color, however. Often green or yellowish. Turns out they had giardia after a fecal test. They had to have 3 or 4 rounds of metronidazole and panacure to get rid of it. Tough to get rid of with two of them. After so many rounds of meds it took a while to get their stools back to normal again consistently. I used vetri-probiotics bowel defense for dogs. It contains a prebiotic, probiotics, enzymes and ingredients for diarrhea. My vet also recommended DGL plus to soothe their digestive tract. I found helpful supplements on Thorne supplements website, healthy pets site and Amazon’s site as well. Also many helpful tips on this site, such as adding pumpkin and healthier foods for them. I regret to say that I had never read an ingredient label with previous pets. Now I’m obsessed with it lol! One more site that has much info for digestive issues is Good luck! I know it is frustrating and stressful.

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