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    Hi, everyone! I used to read the forums often, but stopped two years ago when my dog died. My family just adopted a puppy, so I’m back to find a good puppy food for her.

    Wow, dog food has changed a lot – for the better! Purina is one of the Editor’s Choice foods… That’s a real surprise. So now I’m trying to decide between Purina ProPlan and the food that I used to feed, which was from Rayne Clinical Nutrition. Rayne used to make prescription food only, but makes some non-prescription food now. I can never find much info about Rayne, though. Does anyone have anything to share? Many thanks!

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    I’ve made the 180 on dog food and now feed them either Purina Pro Plan or Purina One dry food along with a spoonful of wet food.

    I tried feeding Iams dry at first after switching off of the grain free food we used to feed them. But, they like the Purina with the shredded pieces better and are doing great!

    I do not know anything about Rayne. Best wishes on finding the best food for your new puppy. Make sure if it is a large breed puppy that you feed a puppy food specailly formulated for growing large breed pups.

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    Ok, TY!

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