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    Greetings to all,

    I’m looking for some advice. My dog, Moose, is a Red Bone Coon Hound about 2 yrs old and 85 lbs. We are feeding him Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. We switched him from one of the Purina brands based on what I read here. The issue we were having while he was on the Purina food was that he as hungry all the time. Not just chewing things for the sake that we was a puppy and all that, he was getting in the thr trash and getting up on the counters. So we fed him more, but it didn’t stop. After doing some reading about dog foods and a very basic level of metabolism, I figured that he wasn’t getting enough protein. Sure enough, we switched him over to Blue Buffalo and he went from 95’ish pounds down to 85 and has only gotten in to the trash one time in the last 6 months. He gets very little human food. Sorry for all the back story. So my issue is this, Moose is starting to act like he is starving again. It’s not AS bad but I’ve started noticing him lurking when anyone goes in the kitchen and heaven forbid I leave something out to cool (say chocolate cupcakes, been there done that, went to the vet and cost me $200) and it’s not secured. Should I break up his food in to a cup in the AM and a cup at dinner?

    If there is anyone out there with experience with this breed of dog or has had this issue please let me know and thanks for your time!


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    First, I’ve read this before, my dog is hungry. All three of mine would happily eat any food I give them, be it dog food or people food. I’m not sure that means they’re hungry, just dogs.

    Second, yes, split his food into two meals. I’m not much of a BB fan, I’d feed Wellness Core reduced fat or Annamaet lean if my dog needed to lose weight.

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    I would definitely suggest breaking his daily food ration into multiple meals. This should help with the hunger. I would also suggest switching foods every 3-4 months. He might be getting bored or frustrated getting the same thing all the time. Merrick Grain Free foods are great and they have a wide variety of protein sources, so you can feed the Buffalo for 3-4 months, then turkey, then fish, then pork, and keep his meals interesting. They also have great canned foods available. As far as price goes, it’s not too far off from Blue Buffalo. I think they’re priced pretty similarly. I can buy a 25lb bag of my Merrick for around $52, and that lasts my 2 dogs about 5-6 weeks. I think I’d pay the same amount for a 25-30lb bag of BB, but I prefer it and think it’s worth the price difference to be able to switch the protein sources since one of my dogs is prone to allergies.

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    Question. So before you were only feeding moose once a day in the mornings? If so yes definitely split up the food in half and give him half in the morning and half at night. Whatever feeding guidelines the food you are giving him just split in half.

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