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    Nichole R

    Hello, I have a 4 month old Labrador retriever that has loose stools and diarrhea. He’s been to the veterinarian several times and had a bunch of tests done. The vet says he’s all good and recommended a diet change, but the foods she suggested aren’t affordable to me as his only source. So she said to do homemade or half homemade, half commercial food. But, she neglected to say what I should put into said homemade recipe. So here I am, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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    I would look at Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach as a base kibble or whatever your vet recommended.
    Don’t go too cheap with the kibble, cheaper kibbles are loaded with potato (cheap starchy filler)
    I hope these comments from similar posts help:




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    JILL N

    Nicole, our vet recommended adding a combination of probiotics (dry, sprinkled on food) and organic pumpkin. This worked well for our GSD.

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    Nichole R

    We don’t go too cheap on his food. He was getting mid-grade, grain free puppy food by Wellness (I think they’re called).

    I forgot to mention that the vet gave us purina probiotics awhile back. They haven’t made any difference, but I’m convinced from the smell that its just beef top ramen packets. 🙂
    I will try pumpkin this evening. Thank you.

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    Wellness is loaded with potato. I have a terrier that gets diarrhea if he eats anything with potato (sweet or white)

    Consider Zignature or Nutrisca.
    Good luck.
    PS: Take it easy with the pumpkin…..
    It can cause loose stools.

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    If you’re trying the homemade thing, i’d see if your vet has a nutritionist or a recipe plan that they like that is suitable for large breed puppies. You can also use balanceit.com. Are you trying to stay grain free? If not, Fromm gold makes a large breed puppy food that is good for sensitive stomachs. It’s in a bright blue bag.

    In regards to the probiotic, my cats were once given Purina Fortiflora. They loved it and two responded very well, one had loose stools (even worse after the probiotic). I gave it a shot for a couple of weeks because it can take time for the good bacteria to colonize. After that I had to find one that had more strains in it, as Fortiflora only had 1. Usually brewer’s yeast is used as an appetite enhancer (many cats can’t resist it) which may be what you’re smelling. The dog formula uses it as well and is also only 1 strain of probiotic.

    What kibble foods did your vet suggest?

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    Anon where do you get your info wellness is loaded with potatoe? The grain free complete health puppy by wellness has potatoes 8th on the list of ingredients. And that’s the only potatoe ingredient. Peas, chickpeas, and lentils are in the top five ingredients.
    I would be concerned with all of the lentils and peas giving her loose stools. Maybe just try the regular complete health wellness puppy food with oatmeal. That may be more delicate on the tum tum.

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    Hi Nichole,
    have a look at “4Health” Special Care Sensitive Stomach dog formula sold at Tractor Supply, it is just Potato & Egg so not too many ingredients, you need to try a limited ingredient kibble,…..
    Read ingredient list that he’s eating at the moment & kibbles he’s eaten before is there a common ingredient in these kibbles that are causing diarrhea/sloppy poo’s??
    alot of the newer grain free kibbles are using Lentils & Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans) now & dogs with Sensitive stomach, IBD IBS do not do will on lentils & Chickpeas, my IBD boy does not do well on barley, lentils, chickpeas you need to work out what is causing his diarhea/sloppy poo’s, poor thing…..

    When a dog has diarrhea/sloppy poo’s it’s best to feed potato & sweet potato, look for a limited ingredient kibble that has 1 meat protein & 1 carb either potatoes, sweet potatoes or both have you tried “Natural balance” LTD formula? look at the Natural Balance LTD Sweet Potato & Bison, or Potato & Duck or Sweet Potato & Fish formula’s, a few ladies on here have puppies they’re doing well on the NB Sweet Potato & Fish formula…

    To balance a cooked diet have a look at “Balance It” http://securebalanceit.com/
    maybe if you found a kibble that agreeed with him & he started doing firm poo’s you wont have to cook & pay extra for meat, sweet potato, potato & “Balance It” etc…
    If you do still have the Purina Forti Floria probiotic still give it to him in the cooked meal, you may not see any difference but it would be helping his stomach/bowel become healthy but just rememeber, only add 1 new thing at a time, dont add too many new things all at once or you will not know what is working & what isnt working….

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