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    I wouldn’t advise dividing the tablet (even if scored) the medication is not evenly distributed within the tablet, so that could result in too little or too much medication being consumed.
    Check with the vet that prescribed the medication.
    “Equal distribution of medicine in split tablets is questionable. Studies have shown that the actual dose in each half of a split tablet often is different. So while the two halves may look the same, they don’t necessarily contain equal amounts of medicine. Even if the tablet is scored with a line that runs down the middle, one half may actually have more medicine than the other”.
    Above is an excerpt from:

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    I agree. With the Heartgard I give him half in morning after he eats and the other half that night after he eats. I wish they would make a chew for smaller dogs. The smallest is for dogs from 1 to 25 lbs.

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    I use Sentinel for my 9 pound dog. I get it from California Pet Pharmacy. My vet signs off on it. I use the 2. to 10 pound dose about every 5 weeks..
    See what your vet recommends for your geographical area and such.
    PS: Oh wait, I just checked, we are using Intercepter (again). pretty much the same as Sentinel (I think)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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