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    Does anyone else think that the RC and RF group on fb are crazily moderated. Someone was looking for advice on joint issue in her 16 year old dog and I mentioned something that HDM had said about the GAGs and Anti-Inflammatories. My comment was immediately deleted. I mean I know that the Anti-Inflammatories aren’t exactly raw based but they have been proven to help dogs, at least that’s what it seems in the things I have read about them. Even if they are plant based.

    All I did was mention the Anti-Inflammatories and said she could google them or I could send her a message and link her to the post from HDM here.

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    Sorry I had to rant. I just get sick of it sometimes. Did I mention that after my post was deleted that one of the moderators mentioned Dog Gone Pain that has the exact same anti-inflammatory supplements I had mentioned! Good Lord!!!!!!!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    What? I’m not familiar with either of these Facebook groups (I actually don’t have a Facebook) but I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t be in support of natural supplements for an elderly dog with arthritis? Many glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are actually animal-derived (usually shellfish, shark or bovine or chicken cartilage). There are also many “animal” based supplements such as green lipped mussel, sea cucumber and velvet antler that have been proven effective. I still don’t, however, see why any one would be opposed to a plant-derived supplement either. It’s true that raw diets are high in naturally occurring GAG’s but some dogs with orthopedic issues need more than that and anti-inflammatories can help a lot in many cases.

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    It’s a sister group to the yahoo group Raw Chat and Raw Feed. They just put it on facebook. And any comments about things with plants are automatically deleted as wolves in the wild don’t eat such things and if they do it comprises of such a small bit of their diet that why bother feed.

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    I am on fb but I’m not familiar with those groups

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