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    I’ve read a lot about raw diets, kibble diets, wet diets, rotation diets, homemade and store-bought foods. I work in the pet industry and while nobody has actually asked me yet (raw is not really big in this area apparently), I have yet to find a definitive answer to my question.

    Many things that I have read said not to, under any circumstances, rotate raw and kibble. Others say that it’s actually great to rotate raw and kibble, but not to feed both simultaneously (which makes sense re: digestion). I have found a lot of opinions, but no science to back any of it up (other than the simultaneous feeding). I understand protein rotation as well as wet/dry combination/rotation, but I’m at a loss for kibble/raw.

    Does anyone have any evidence for/against a kibble/raw rotation?

    And another fun question: If feeding raw and kibble simultaneously is unhealthy, why do I carry Nature’s Variety Instinct that is normal kibble with freeze-dried raw coating? Does the fact that it’s freeze-dried raw factor in at all, or is it a gimmick? (NV website about Raw Boost: http://www.naturesvariety.com/Instinct/RawBoost/dog/lamb )

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    Feeding both at the same time is just fine for the large majority of dogs. Kibble and canned are digested at different rates too, but no one ever says you shouldn’t put canned food in the kibble because they digest at different rates. A healthy dog can handle changing from raw to kibble to dehydrated to canned with no transition. The fact that most dogs can’t change without transition is because our feeding practices have made their gut unhealthy. Many of us feed our dogs something completely different at every meal.

    Some sites realize that feeding raw 100% is more than most people can do so promote feeding raw one meal, kibble the next, to get the benefits of raw. Darwin’s is one of them.

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