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    My quick question is this: when your dog is on a rotational diet, do you do a transition phase between each food? If so, how long does if last?

    So far, the only rotating I do is between Kirkland and DN (whichever store we happen to be in is the only reason for switching) – since they’re the same company and relatively similar in formulas, I honestly do little-to-no transition time, and the dogs seem fine. They never have had changes in stool/eating habits/etc.

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    Honestly, it depends on the dog. If they are used to a variety and switching up then they should be ok with little to no time. If you introduce a new brand though, I would do it slower as the bag recommends and adjust depending on the dog’s reaction.

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    When I first started rotating, I switched slowly. Now The only transition mine get is if I don’t have enough left in the last bag I top it up with the new bag, then feed all new the next day.

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    Bobby dog

    Bobby’s rotation is the same as BCn’s. I buy small bags of kibble so I can rotate foods often. He can switch cold turkey at any time for toppers, whole foods, freeze dried/dehydrated, or kibbles. I feed anything from 3 to 5 star wet/dry foods so protein/fiber/fat levels change with each food. Most of the time Bobby gets samples of other kibbles during a rotation with no issues. So far it doesn’t matter what the protein is and I feed grain inclusive and GF in hopes of avoiding any food intolerances. I am in the process of finding raw foods that Bobby enjoys as well; again no issues other than his taste buds. lol He has never had any issues with transitions since I began rotation feeding in Sept ’13.

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