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    Hey Guys!

    So, I have decided to feed my dogs a meat and bone grind mixed with a pre-mix. I am looking at Sojos and The Honest Kitchen. I’m leaning mre towards Sojos for the price and the fact that it is actually freeze dried raw, whereas THK is dehydrated. Would that make much of a difference with one versus the other? Would it be best to rotate between the 2?

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    Hopefully others that have done more of this than I have will respond but I believe you wouldn’t want bone with either premix. They have the nutrients necessary already without.

    As far as comparing the two, I’ve used both their completes- I like thk aka bit more for that but I like sojos consistency more

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    I was looking at both of these as a premix, but ultimately went with See Spot Live Longer, instead. It’s measured in tablespoons, rather than cups, and it’s only $16 a 1lb bag (2 tablespoons per pound of meat, so it lasts a while!). Sojo’s is too low calorie IMO, and THK was was too pricey (and not a favorite for the dog I’m feeding). The SSLL mix apperently even tastes good alone because the bowl is licked completely clean when I offer chuncks of meat that the mix can’t stick to lol

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    I believe all of the premixes mentioned are for boneLESS meat. You would have to contact the manufacturer to find out how much to use if you are using bone in, and even then, they may not be able to tell you.

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    Agree with above. The premixes mentioned are for boneless meat. There is a mix for bone-in meats: CarnivoreRaw by Young Again Pet Foods.

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    I didn’t think about boneless versus bone in. Thanks! I will check out the premix for bone in meats. Thanks again!

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