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    Currently my 3 dogs are eating grain free/white potato free kibble ad 2 of my dogs are eating raw once per day. My Saint Bernard, though, has a rash type issue under her chin. It is constantly red and just nasty looking and her face always smells. I have tried raw with her, but she usually won’t eat it and if she does she gets sick. I was wondering if there is a recommendation for a kibble that may allow the rash and smell to go away or if I should cook for her and see if that helps? Just FYI, I keep her mouth wiped after she eats. I just want her to be able to eat something that will finally clear everything up.

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    Hi gmcbogger, Patch gets the red rash on his chin & around his bottom of his mouth..He has white fur & pink skin under his mouth… When he eats his Eukanuba Intestinal for dinner he gets the red rash but of a morning & lunch when he eats his Wellness Simple his chin & the around the bottom of his mouth stays nice & pink, not red..So what I do now is I buy Huggies thick Baby wipes, they are lightly fragranced with Cucumber & Aloe this helps, I wipe all around the bottom of his chin & mouth then have a small towel to dab dry…there must be something in his Eukanuba Intestinal kibble that gives him this red rash, cause its not happening after eating the Wellness Simple kibble…If I forget to wipe his mouth & the rash gets bad at night before bed I put Hydrocortisone 1% cream on his chin, this cream clears his rash by morning, even Detol antiseptic cream clears the rash aswell, its hard cause you cant get the cream in their mouth, so I use a cotton bud to get in the creases of his mouth with the cream,
    I was just wiping under his mouth after eating with a soft small towel but it didnt help the Huggies wipes must clean their spit & stops it burning their skin & it cleans their kibble & slobber off…..Ive never owned a dog with so many health problems it’s like having a baby again…

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    Thanks for the tip! I know what you mean about the problems. My other 2 dogs can eat whatever and never have issues and the one dog is a princess and requires special detail lol. Thanks again!

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    This may be a question that’s not necessary…but do you use plastic bowls to feed out of? That’s the first thing I think of when I hear chin rash. Sorry if this is not the case.

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    Saints are prone to getting yeast and bacterial infections in the folds around their mouths because that area stays wet so much. Try mixing one ounce of vinegar in 7 ounces of water and using that to wet whatever you are wiping him with, work it into any skin folds, then wipe it as dry as you can.

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    No plastic bowl. I use stainless steel. I will definitely try the vinegar in water. Thanks for the tip!

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