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    Kevin U

    I’ve been feeding my puppy some Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for puppies. And lately his stool been very mushy for the past 3 days. And when it very first started his stool had mucus on it and then it went away and now it just has been mushy. We tried giving him canned pumpkin and nothing seems to get better.
    Please help..

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    Hi Kevin U-
    Sorry, to hear about your pup’s yucky poop. How old is your puppy? How long have you had him? It is fairly common for a pup to have some digestive issues right after you get them and have done a food change. However, parasites and worms are also common for new pups. If you have not taken a stool sample into the vet to be tested, I definitely would. My puppies had both giardia and coccidia when they were young. Switching foods did not help them at all. I had to deworm them and give them a prescription med a couple of times before they got better. Then I gave them some probiotics for a while to get their tummies back in order.

    Here is a link that was helpful to me at that time:


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    In other words. Go to the vet, instead of the internet. Don’t find out the hard way…….

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    Kevin U

    Hello, thank you for taking your time to answering my concern. My puppy is 2 months old and we got him 4 days ago. They were feeding him the blue buffalo formula so we bought the same food, I already made an appointment to the vet next Thursday and I just wanted to get help in the mean time. I will collect a stool sample and bring it to the vet.

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    Your dog at 8 weeks s an infant. He is vulnerable to dehydration. I would treat this as a serious matter .

    A puppy should stay with it’s mother and sibs till at least 8 weeks., so , I would take the pup to the vet sooner than next week if it has diarrhea.

    In my opinion, you will need the expertise of a veterinarian that has examined the pup to guide you, for the best chance for the pup to survive

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    A two month old pup is going to have roundworms. It’s inevitable. Even if his fecal examination comes up clear, he still has them, I guarantee it. Worm this pup with Panacur for 3 days in a row, then continue routine de-worming at 10, 12 & 14 weeks.

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