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    Liz O

    I posted this in the LB forum and should have probably posted it here, so here it goes:

    My 4 month old female lab puppy developed a bladder infection. The vet said to feed her their Royal canin SO for urinary problems. I looked at the list of ingredients and can’t feed her that. Two of the ingredients are corn based and pork meat by products. The first antibiotic didn’t seem to work so yesterday she was put on a different one. She has crystals in her urine but not stones. There’s still blood in her urine after 2 doses of the new antibiotic and she’s still straining to urinate. Any ideas of what would be a reccomended food with 4 or 5 stars for this kind of issue? She is currently eating Kirkland Nature’s Domain Salmon, she was on Wellness Puppy at first but it didn’t really work for her. Thanks.

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    Chris N

    My 1 year old had Struvite crystals also, we had to have them taken out. I too could not feed my dog that food. I did a lot of research and made a lot of phone calls, my own conclusion was if you can get your dog to drink a lot if water and keep the PH at about 6.5 the crystals won’t form, so there’s no need to change the dogs diet. So far it’s working for my dog.
    Good luck

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    Often struvite crystals form in the presence of infection, clear up the infection and the crystals disappear.

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    For crystals, it’s important they get plenty of moisture. Dry food is the worst you can feed but if you must, add canned & warm water. Better is canned, raw or dehydrated.

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    Liz O

    Thanks everyone for your answers. I also found out that Vit C could help so she’s gotten some since yesterday and today her urine is the clearest it’s been in days. I also made her unsalted chicken soup and added it to her food and she loved it. She’s still straining to urinate but not as frequently and today I only had to clean the floor 4 times instead of the 20-30 times I was days ago. So overall an improvement. I’m still waiting to hear her tests results from the vet to know exactly what is causing this issue.

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