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    I searched for a similar article and couldn’t locate one.
    I assume it is a common problem
    My puppy does not chew, food, treats, bones, etc.
    he does not scarf his food. He eats slow enough. His stomach doesn’t suck in either.
    I’ve tried large kibble, small kibble, flat kibble, wet food, etc
    He just doesn’t chew.
    The worst part is jerky treats he tried to swallow them whole I’ve used gobble stoppers in his bowl but it’s really not a solution as he doesn’t eat fast.
    Hoping someone can help

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    Dogs don’t chew. They were made to tear chunks off and swallow them. The only chewing a dog does naturally is when he has a large chunk of something and needs to make it smaller to swallow it and that’s called gnawing. This just doesn’t apply to kibble, but that’s ok, they don’t need to chew kibble for any reason.

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    Thanks for the response!
    Ok so he continually coughs in the morning and gags my vet says it’s the kibble expanding in the esophagus. If that was true I’d think my vet should be a little more concerned.
    My puppies currently get acana ranch lands which has pretty large kibble peices I’m just worried he will choke when I’m not home from not being able to swallow it properly.

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    Try adding some water to it. That will make it slide down the throat easier.

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