Puppy still itching constantly after several vet trips.

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    I’ve been lurking around this site and wanted to thank you for such amazing information!! I’ll be passing this on to my puppy friends. As a new owner of a beautiful vanilla lab, I’ve exhausted my ideas for what is causing her constant itching. It’s been 4 trips to the vet and I am beginning to feel hopeless for my poor baby. The vet mentioned that she maybe had a form of mites that could be cured with Revolution even thought it’s not marketed toward that. This did not work and finally she hesitatingly put her antibiotics because after a thorough examination she found a case of “puppy acne”. Not only has it not helped but she throws up and has horrible problems controlling her bowels which is sad because she is trained with exception to an accident here and there. I feel like all these visits to the vet are breaking my pocket book and yielding NO RESULTS! I’ve read that changing her diet may help. Currently, she’s on Kirkland brand puppy for from Costco which has great reviews on this site. I look forward to hearing advice from others who may have experience with this. THanks so much!!

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    I would suggest that you make an appointment with a specialist/dermatologist.

    Or consider consulting a homeopath http://www.vitalanimal.com http://theavh.org/

    I would be leary of any saliva kits or any mail-in test that doesn’t require a physical examination by a veterinarian https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/forums/topic/nutriscan-results-suggestions/


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    PS: Don’t be surprised if the vet wants to put the dog on prednisone for a short period of time. That’s what the medication is for, to keep the dog comfortable. But it is not a cure, and long term steroids can have undesirable side effects.

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    Give the guys at http://www.allprovide.com a call – they got in to developing and setting up a raw food business after a change to a raw diet solved their puppy’s problems – which included excessive scratching, feet chewing, and bowel issues. Bad advice from a number of different vets (who prescribed steroids for the rest of her life!) cost their puppy an ear before someone suggested a change in diet. She’s no longer on any steroids, doesn’t scratch and has a new lease of life. They ship for free too!

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    Thank so much! I’ll check out the above tips 🙂

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    Hi, join this Face Book group “Dog Allergy International Group” look in the files for “Foods for dogs with Food Allergies/Intolerances IBS IBD” there’s a heap of limited ingredients kibbles & wet foods with their links also Michele Dixson from Petcurean (Go Sensitivity LID Venison) can help with any questions also look at feeding a Raw diet in files under “Raw Elimination Diet Candida-Yeast Itchy Dogs” there’s a easy diet for puppies done by a Naturopath…

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