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    Ben H

    HELP!! My wife and I have two, almost 5 month old labs. They have been doing fairly well at potty training until recently. With the cold weather and snow we began just letting them out to go potty…this may be one cause of reverting back from being fairly well house broken. Also, we recently change their food from Blue Wilderness Puppy to Wellness Core puppy. We have almost finished an entire bag of the new food, but didn’t know if this could be an issue too. The male has starting just walking and peeing at the same time, in the house, just a few days ago. Maybe UTI or something else??? My wife is at the end of her patience because they were doing so good. Any thoughts. Thanks.

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    Have him checked for a UTI first. You could also have a bitch in heat somewhere around you that he has just discovered. If it was a stool issue, I would have said food change, but a urinary issue is less likely to be food.

    Definitely go back to potty training too.

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    Hi Ben H-
    I also have two lab mix litter mates. They are both males and are about 3 1/2 years old. They both were potty trained quick and easy. However, one of them, continued to dribble pee when he was walking through the house until he was close to a year old. It was mostly when he was excited. Which, btw, is most of the time. LOL! He is a very high energy dog. He would leave this crazy crooked trail of droplets throughout the house that were very frustrating to clean up. Luckily he grew out of it. He still does it a little when we are walking him. He gets so excited that he doesn’t want to stop and take the time to pee. He finally isn’t as bad about that anymore either.

    You should definitely have a urinalysis done if you are concerned about a UTI. Like BCnut mentioned, I don’t think the food would be an issue, but again, you could always switch it to make sure. Good luck! Btw, I would never get two lab pups at the same time again!!!! They have been a handful! We adore them, but are really a lot of work. 🙂

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