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    Hi All
    I am seeking some advice I switched my Dachshund onto Acana Puppy & Junior as I thought it was one of the top foods on the market but since switching him he has been passing incredibly hard stools and he is also sliding his bottom across the floor. I have taken him to the vet and we have ruled out worms. He has put my puppy on lactulose to see if it helps but so far there has been very little change. The vet says if there is no change then I should look to changing his food.
    I wanted to know if anyone else has had this sort of problem with Acana and if so what they switched to and whether it could be the food causing the problem?
    Thank you

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    My old Jack Russell has to have fiber added to her food when she is fed a high protein food. Her stools are dry and hard otherwise. She does really great on Acana, as long as I add some pumpkin to it. I just get a can and freeze it into ice cubes and drop a pumpkin ice cube into her meal. She loves it and it works great.

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    So I wonder how can Acana be so good if dogs are having such hard dry stools on it?
    Would fibre be grain, rice or oats? I know a lot of dog foods have these and I wondered why or if they are just there to bulk a food out? I like the pumpkin cube idea I don’t know if we can get canned pumpkin in the uk but I could cook one and purée it then freeze into ice cubes would that be the way? Also do you defrost the ice cube first?

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    I have 2 dogs who do not have these issues at all with any food and one that has these issues with every food that is low fiber. I take that to be an issue with my dog, NOT the food.

    I have cooked and puree pumpkin and it works great. I live in a hot climate, so I don’t melt the ice cube first, but you definitely could. I give it before I freeze it the first day I open the can.

    Rice and other grains are cheap, so dog food companies use them to bulk out the calorie count on cheaper foods. They do have some fiber in them, but are primarily carbs.

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    Mary M

    Acana foods are dense and they recommend to give your dog plenty of fresh water with meals. Just a thought.
    My dog is on Acana Regionals and has not had problems with hard stools.

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