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    My Chihuahua puppy is almost three months old. She weighs about three pounds, four ounces. I’m feeding her four times a day. Can food with a little dry food. About 2 oz each time. Is this too much? Seems like she poops a lot and its not very solid. I add a little pumpkin sometimes to eliminate diarrhea. There seems to be a big difference of opinions on this subject and I am concerned. Some say if you don’t feed a pup often enough it will become hydro glycemic.

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    Some small breed puppies are prone to hypoglycemia. And I don’t know at what age they start eliminating the extra meals, but I would suspect that by now you could cut back to 3 meals a day, 1 every 8 hours. As far as the amount you feed, base it on your puppy’s body condition. Keep your puppy looking lean and athletic, don’t let it get fat. If your puppy is in good condition then you are feeding the right amount, but if not, slowly adjust the amount until you find the right amount.

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    Thank you Pattyvaughn.

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