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    Hello all, I found this site as I was doing research for a new food for my 9yr old male pug thats suffering from intestinal issues. His symptoms are mucus to liquid anal discharge with some blood and vomiting. If I recall correctly, his been experiencing some form of intestinal discomfort for about 3 to 4 years but lately in the past year these occurrences are becoming more frequent (almost once a month) and severe. Over the past 3 to 4 years I’ve switched his food from Wellness (grain free) to FROMM products (limited ingredient) to Nature’s variety limited ingredient products (lamb and duck) and most recently to Gone Wild 96% Rabbit (two weeks into trying this food). Last Sunday he had a severe case and I’ve been feeding him rice and sweet potato since (VET recommended a bland diet while we wait for the test results). I’ve been taking him to the VET more frequently and were trying to pin point the problem but it’s frustrating not knowing why his getting worst. Two weeks ago after another episode the VET took a sample of his poop and ran some tests for bacteria and everything came back normal. Last Monday I took him to the VET and they took blood for a canine maldigestion and superchem/cbc blood tests and so far I got one of the results back and it came back normal. I’m not sure how to proceed or how to tackle the problem, do I continue trying other foods or do I give him the VET recommended prescription food. What if he continues having problems? Thank you.

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    Does he have this problem with the homecooked food? Have you thought about long term homecooked food? Did they vet test for giardia and coccidia? Sometimes more than one stool sample is necessary.

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    Finally got all the blood results back. The Vet said he has low B12 and high folate which is indicative of an inflammatory bacterial over growth in the intestines. The Vet prescribed flagyl as an antibiotic and suggested trying a different food. The Vet accounts the bacterial over growth with a food allergy and since I’ve tried various kibbles and canned foods over the year, I’ve now decided to go raw. On Sunday, I picked up a bag of Primal raw venison and I also ordered a trial sample of Darwin’s raw duck food. The lady at the store explained that the transition should be done slowly so I’m feeding him a cube in the morning and one at night mixed with some rice and sweet potato. So far he seems to enjoy it but this morning he threw up (is this part of the adjustment?) but was very content to eat it up. I read that some dogs go through a detox period, so I hope it’s just that. I’ll keep you posted on his progress and if the raw food doesn’t work out I may have try home cooked meals. Thanks for replying.

    PS – I have a Vet appointment today and I plan to ask about the giardia and coccidia test.

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    When a dog eats and immediately brings it back up, then eats it again, it is regurgitation, and is usually because they swallowed too fast, too big an amount at once, etc. For some reason, the food was sitting uncomfortably, so he brought it back up and swallowed it again, more comfortably the second time.

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    So sorry about your pug! I have a Boston/Rat terrier.She is 3 years old and I have just found a food that she does not throw up! She usually throws up about 1/2 hr after eating so it is not from eating too fast….she just seems to have a very sensitive tummy (says the vet).She is also very very picky.I tried changing her diet to no grain,no chicken no meat, etc…to no avail. Four weeks ago I decided to try the refrigerated dog food FRESHPET Select. She LOVES it.She will only eat the chicken/carrot/spinach….BUT she eats it and so far she has not been sick once! Also…when my large dog got an intestinal infection,the vet gave me a powdered probiotic to take with the antibiotic so that the good bacteria does not end up getting killed off also. It balances his stomach…it might be a good idea to keep your little pug on probiotics indefinitely. I hope he feels better soon…i know how hard it is to watch them be so sick from the natural act of eating.

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    Has your vet tested for EPI? that would cause low B12. (Enzyme Pancreatic Insufficiency)

    Have a little guy here that just went thru something very similar. His labs came back positive for EPI, and just a few short weeks later, he’s gaining weight, no runs, no stomach issues. We’re adding pancreatic supplement to his kibble.

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