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    Hi, I have a 5.5m Shiloh. This may just be a coincidence . . . my puppy was switched from TOTW to Fromm’s and was on 100% Fromm’s for a month when I started feeding her 1 meal of raw 4 times a week.

    Seemingly no problem with the raw – she loves it. But since then, she has been vomiting up her kibble. The first two times it was 2 hours after eating – and I figured she wasn’t feeling well, teething or too much excitement that day.

    But it has since progressed to vomiting right after eating the kibble — and then if I give her raw for that meal, she is fine.

    It is almost as if, once having raw, her body/stomach is rejecting the kibble. Is that possible? I’m also going to try a different kibble – I was thinking perhaps it is the grain in Fromm’s?

    I would prefer to keep her on a partial kibble diet b/c of cost, convenience and most importantly b/c sometimes she needs to be boarded and it is difficult to find a kennel that is willing to handle a raw diet.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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    The only thing I can suggest is adding digestive enzymes with the kibble portion of her diet. The process for making kibble destroys enzymes and a lot of shepherds don’t make enough in the first place.

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    I agree with Patty. Dry, hard kibble is hard to digest and can take several hours.

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    On another forum, some people have said their dogs aren’t doing as well on Fromm as they used to.

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    Some people have reported that here too.

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    When I first brought home Mila, the pet store suggested I buy Canidae Single Grain (a 5 star brand on DFA) but once I transitioned her to grain-free she didn’t want the Canidae anymore and ate around it.

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    That is why it is best to space out each feeding by quite a bit. Like I feed Raw in the morning at about 5:30AM and then at around 6pm I feed kibble and I do add enzymes and probiotics. It woks for us because we spread each meal out to where the first meal is digested before we feed the 2nd meal.

    The only time I had an issue is when I mixed kibble with Raw trying to do a switch over to Raw and now I know and have learned we can switch to certain Raw food with no issues but just no mixing in kibble with it.

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