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    Krista B


    I was like the idea of a rotational diet for dogs and favor feeding different forms such as kib ble, canned, and freeze dried. But due to budget issues I can really only afford plain dry food. I can afford any type of dry food such as Orijen and Acana because my dog is small and doesn’t eat a lot of dry food. But canned and freeze dried is more expensive and she eats more of canned because it’s less calories. So is it ok that she just gets dry kibble with no other additions? Is this healthy? She does get a fish oil, probiotics and a joint supplement.



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    Have you read the other posts here? I find the the search engine at this site to be user friendly.
    I would at least add a splash of water or homemade plain chicken broth.
    See the recent thread “Gravy”. You have mentioned that your dog has a sensitive stomach? So, if it was my dog, I would be inclined to stick with one brand of food that agrees with the dog, I might even presoak the kibble in H2O.
    If you used just one brand of kibble as a base, then you may find toppers to be more affordable and you could rotate them. Just sharing what I have found that works…
    PS: Whether the dietary choices you are making for your dog are healthy, or not, or supplements are indicated. I would go by the recommendations of the veterinarian that has examined the dog.
    It depends on the dog.

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    Hi Krista-
    There are probably millions of dogs that are fed dry only and are doing just fine. However, I prefer to feed a budget friendly kibble so I can afford to add meal mixers or toppers to it. I’m not sure if it will make them live longer, but it makes me feel better. Lol! Costco, Tractor Supply, and Walmart all carry inexpensive five star canned food that I add a 1/4 can to their kibble in the mornings. Eggs, sardines and leftovers are also fairly cheap to add.

    I personally don’t think those extremely expensive kibbles are a good value unless it is being fed due to a health condition. They’re still kibble.

    Also, I know supplements can be very expensive as well. Are you sure they are needed? I know how feeding our furries can be so overwhelming! I think you are doing great. Just do what you can do. If feeding them dry only works for you and her, then so be it. Make sure she has plenty of water available. Your dog is in good hands. Best wishes to you!

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    Hi Krista-

    Is there a particular reason for choosing such a high priced food like Orijen or Acana?

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    Mary N

    Hi Krista,

    There are many dogs who are fed like that and they do just fine. But what you will want is to make regular vet visits because in case of any health complication that model of simple dry dog food nutrition just might not work. And it is important to know your dog’ health at all times if you are just feeding dry dog food.

    I would recommend you to feed your dog with at least some home made food from time to time, it will help your dog to stay healthier and happier.

    Here are some simple homemade dog food recipes:

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    I can’t help but wonder if the OP’s dog has a medical condition that she thinks can be treated by finding just the right diet. Wish it were that simple. Best of luck

    Really, if you want to get precise guidance about these things, ask your dog’s vet for a referral to a veterinary nutritionist. Otherwise, you are just going to get a variety of opinions that may or may not be good for your dog.

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    Rusty T


    I tend to feed kibble in the morning, and kibble with a Topper at night. (I use I and Love and You Nude for the kibble and Holistic Selects Grain Free Canned Food.) I generally also sub out sometimes with left over veggies, or fresh meat. Last Saturday they got kibble mixed with beef tripe that I picked up for them. Monday, I threw in a can of sardines with the kibble. I have a bag of raw turkey necks in the freezer that I hand out from time to time. I generally boil a couple of extra eggs every week, and toss them in for the evening meal. I roast a chicken generally once a week and cut out the backbone before I roast the chicken, and feed the raw backbone to them. (My chicken cooks faster and more evenly if I butterfly it.) We keep a container in the fridge where we throw left over veggies from dinner that are big enough portions for a meal to toss in their kibble. But nothing with garlic in it.

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    Mary N

    I like what anon101 said above.

    If you are suspecting or know that your dog might have some medical condition the best thing you can do is visit a vet nutritionist and talk with them.

    Make sure that you find the right solution for your pet’s health, your wallet, and your dogs taste! 🙂

    There are many ways to achieve this and if you were looking for a variety of opinions you got them in here but still if your dogs health is in any way jeopardized you should talk with nutritionist for your dog 🙂

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    Susan W

    I fed dry only for YEARS to various dogs of all sizes. There’s nothing at all wrong with it. One thing you might want to try is feeding a food that has probiotics AND Omega-3 built in. VeRus dog food has a cold-water fish formula AND an opticoat formula which are both fish-based foods. They are high in Omega-3s because the fish they use is a wild-caught, Atlantic fish called Menhaden. Wild-caught fish are higher in Omega-3s than farm-raised. VeRus also has a technique for freeze-drying LIVE probiotics so they have a longer shelf life and are more effective for your dog’s digestion.
    I had a dog with a very dry, itchy coat – complicated by her love of the pool. I fed her the Opticoat formula for about 9 months & her itchiness.coat problems cleared up. I’m feeding a different VeRus formula now, but will switch back to the Opticoat when the weather warms up.
    The seriously great thing about trying VeRUS is that they’ll send you free samples. For a small dog, the free samples are enough for a couple of days so you get a really good try out. Just go to their website – – and fill out the contact form. This food is not any more expensive (and may actually be less expensive) than those you named.

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