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    Sara R

    I have a 7 month old Pomeranian named Bella. When we first brought her home she was eating her kibble no problem. But slowly she stopped eating it so we tried switching brands, and she liked to start but same thing, became uninterested and didn’t want to eat. We asked our vet and they recommended we try mixing soft food in with her kibble in case her teeth were bugging her. The also worked for a while, but not anymore. We’ve gone back to straight kibble and no difference. She’s got all her adult teeth now so that’s not the problem.
    I’ve recently gone to a healthy pet store and they gave me numerous kibble sample packs to try and see if Bella would like them. She’s only maybe eaten a few piece of 2 kinds but its a struggle to get her to eat anything. Sometimes if i throw it on the floor she will eat it.

    Im wondering if i should consider switching her to home cooked food. I’m just concerned it wont have the same vitamins and nutrients as in the kibble.

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    Hi Sara B-
    I’m sorry you are having trouble getting your pup to eat. I cannot relate as I have two lab mix dogs who eat anything and everything. I mostly feed them kibble meals with different toppers such as canned food, eggs, tripe and various fresh foods. But, I also try to feed one home cooked meal every now and then. I formulated a recipe on: https://secure.balanceit.com/. It is a site where you can choose what protein, fat and carbs that you want to use. Also, can choose what percentage of the meal you want to be protein and so forth.

    They sell supplements to balance the meals. The recipes are free unless your dog has a health condition and then you may need to pay for vet assistance. Good luck. I hope you can get her eating.

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