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    Karen J

    first diagnosed by another vet…precursor to crystals, not infections or stones. I researched here in particular but over time it didn’t appear to be enough. Took her to new vet with all info, they didn’t twist my arm to do another urinalysis, I believe more in depth, open to keeping her on d-Monasse, and Vit C not a bad idea to add glucosamin, they gave her an antibiotic. I let them do an X-ray, they didn’t insist, they offered choices, I’ve bee through a really sick dog being mis-diagnosed so I pulled out the Credit. $300 now rather than $3000 later – hope I did right.

    She was starting have more frequent accidents in the house.

    Radiology to rule out stones 1 view, Urinalysis, Cysto, Culture Urine MIC, Clavamox 62.5mg, Medical Waste Free, waived office visit = not cheap. Too much?

    She’s on Wellness grain free and Canidae grain free.

    I’m not not flush with money but would like to prevent problems before they become big. Last vet didn’t seem thorough.

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    I answered in your other thread.

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