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    Nora W

    My 4 year old Heeler had vomiting on Purina Pro Plan which my Vet recommended. I went to Pet Smart and found a lady with a degree in nutrition. She suggested Castor & Pollux. Looked like a quality food but my dog had loose stools. My Vet said to switch to Royal Canin sensitive stomach, Looking at the ingredients I did not put my dog on it. Instead I bought Earthborn Meadow Feast. She is doing so well on this food. No problems at all. However the second ingredient is Peas. Lamb meal then peas. It has a higher fiber and that is helpful for her but I’m worried with the new reports out. Is there a better dry food with fiber over 4.5 and not high in protein and fat? So many are low fiber and high protein. Help

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    Linda K

    It seems a lot of vets push Royal Canin and Hills. Every vet I’ve ever taken my dogs to have stocked those brands in their offices. My current dog has had belly issues all his life. We did a 30-day trial of Hills I/D. It didn’t make a lot of difference. He was on limited ingredient grain-free turkey-based food and doing well, but then we learned he had extremely low taurine without cardiac deficiencies. The cardiologist told me to slowly wean him into a non-grain-free food. I started him on a 5-star air dried food with an exorbitant price tag. He’s doing great on it. I hate paying the price, but I love not having to clean up vomit after every meal and being able to pick up poop with one bag and no spray bottle to clean off the grass! Good luck!

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    I think finding a great dry then go from there, you can add green beans which add fiber and makes them feel fuller.

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