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    I use to coat Brooklyn’s pills in peanut butter before I gave them to her. The kids also use to give her a spoonful of it for 20 minutes of entertainment, but I just read an article about how bad it can be for your dog and can cause allergies. There are also a lot of treats out there that are peanut butter so I would be careful of those too. I haven’t heard this before and just thought some of you might be as interested as me. Here is a link to the article:


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    In case this helps someone else giving pills or supplements . . .

    I use the whipped version of cream cheese (Trader Joe’s) and it works like a charm!

    The thing that concerns me with peanut butter, once you even find an all natural one (not loaded up with sugar/corn syrup and weird additives), is the aflatoxin risk. A potent carcinogen. And then there was the peanut butter recalls over salmonella — good grief, it’s been many months and stores like Costco are just now returning the natural versions to the shelf. Trader Joe’s popular Valencia one is still gone.

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    My dog became adept at spitting out sliced meat or cheese along with the pills, with great flourish and disgust, wouldn’t even eat the meat or cheese! He turned his head away from natural peanut butter, that was sticking his mouth together.

    He loves the cream cheese and takes it happily, even seeing me (smartie pants GSD) dip his supplement pills in it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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