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    Patch had an Endoscope & biopies done 2 weeks ago & the results came back this week, he has Moderate to Chronic Lymphocytic Gastritis with associated spiral bacteria infection, (Helicobacter virus)
    Ive been telling the vets he probably has the helicobacter virus from the begining, they wouldn’t listen, even when I saw different vets from different practice, They’d just read note from other vets & agree, & would say put him on steriods, Im so glad I never put him on Predisone & listen to my instints….oh well….he’s been put on Metronidazole, Amoxicilin, Zantac for 3 weeks to kill bacteria..hopefully we’ll kill it & it wont come back…

    Does anyone have or know much about “Lymphocytic Gastritis” when I looked it up it says its uncommon chronic gastritis associated with Helicobacter, Celiac & Varioliform gastritis…. when they did studies on humans, some had the Helicobacter, some had Celiac disease, some had Colitis some had Crohns disease, Results indicate Lymphocytic Gastritis most commonly occurs in Celiac disease & Helicobacter infection…. His vet has gone away, so not seeing him until Xmas eve & Patch will be finished his triple therapy tablets by then..
    I wish I had some answers, I’ll have to wait, the vet probably wont know much either, I’ve found 1 lady on F/B & her dog has L/G with the Helicobacter & she had trouble getting rid of the Helicobacter virus & had to do the anitibiotcs 3 I know why he’d get better on the Metronidazole but it wasnt enough & he’d be ill again after a couple of months, he also needed the Amoxicillin aswell….
    He couldn’t tolarate Barley, Rye, etc he may have Celiacs but he cant eat starchy foods either, I wonder why ??

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    Hi Susan,

    I hope everything turns out well for Patch!!!

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    Sorry Patch hasn’t been feeling well. Hope he feels better soon!

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    Heliobactor is a bacteria, not a virus-It is the Genus name that contains (I believe) 35 or so strains. The most common is H. Pylori. I have not looked into it in years, so please google and don’t take my word for 100 percent accuracy. I do recall reading back then that there was a potential for it to be contagious-though I do not recall all the details.

    I think what you are calling Lymphocyctic Gastritis, is actually Lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis(LP), and is the most common form of IBD in dogs. “They” do not know for sure what the cause of this is, but its believed that it is an immune response set off in response to environmental allergies, diet etc.

    Google Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic enteritis for lots of info.

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    Btw-After the bacterial infection is corrected, the disease can at times be treated solely from diet, however, many dogs do need steroids, and further medications-one of them being Tylan that I have talked about several times. For this condition, diets should be gluten free, easily digestible carbs, low in lactose and fat, and novel protein source. Each dog is different and will require a different protocol..some need low residue prescription diets.

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    Hi Melissa, thank-you for info….I’ll have to ask Patches vet if its Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Enteritis but on Patches lab report from his biopies its just says “Moderate to Chronic Lymphocytic Gastritis” not Lymphocytic Plasmacytic enteritis, God I hope it isnt, when I read about it, it doesnt sound good, when I looked it up there’s so many Lymphocytic this & Lymphocytic that…… I had to look up Lymphocytic Gastris in humans, comes up with Celiac & Helicobacter for humans….. I found 1 study done on 5 cats, 3 cats already had FIV & 2 cats had L/G helicobacter, they put them all together to see if the cats with a low immune FIV got infected with the Helicobacter, all 3 cats did catch H/B….. I spoke with 1 lady thats dog has got L/G her dog had to be treated with antibiotics 3 times to kill bacteria as the helicobacter kept coming back & then he was put on a steriod for just 6 weeks for the inflammation from the Helicobacter… when Patches vet rung with results he did mention something about a short course of steriods, there’s some inflammation but he didnt go into details….. he said Patch probably had this a long time & caught it when he was a pup, if the helicobacter was treated back then, he’d be a healthy dog now but it was never treated,……. so I’d say the helicobacter has done some damage now being left un treated for so long, poor boy..
    Tylan isnt big here in Austrailia, but there’s one lady in Western Australia her vet orders in the Tylan & she has given me the details to give to my vet, she did say that she is buying Tylan online but in big quanties enough to last 3 years, a bit too much just yet..He’s on the low residue diet but I’ll have to ring Eukanuba & ask is it Gluten free, I wish he could eat potatos, it would make life easier & he could go on a grainfree diet kibble, Ive contacted Susan Lauten a pet nutritionist, I dont know if she is good but a few people from the IBD group use her when their dog cant eat vet prescription diets…
    Ive read for humans, if I can find the right diet, you can get better…….
    I suppose these vets will learn on Patch, as its rare, I hope so & he hasnt suffered for when another dog comes in with Patches symtoms, they think twice & give the dog an Endoscope & biopies, I only done the Endoscope & biopies cause the ladies in the IBDogs group said being scoped & having biopies done is the only way i’ll find out whats happening with Patch, I just wish when I wanted Patched scoped last year the stupid lady vet listen & booked him in, she just said ur wasting ur money, they probably wont find nothing, he needs to be cut open & biopiesed, I saw her when I was picking up Patches Meds & I said did you see Patches results she said yes…. Im still angry about it all..

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    Susan. So glad you went with your gut and did not get the surgery. Even though this has been going on with Patch for a long time you should pat yourself on the back for being a relentless advocate for him. You’ve now got a diagnosis and can now move in a forward direction to heal Patch. By the way you shouldn’t feel bad about Patch not being able to eat potatoes, they are highly inflammatory as are tomatoes so definitely should be avoided with his condition. Glad you’ve not a name for his illness. No more guessing games.

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    Susie o

    Hello, my Louis is going through the exact same symptoms and we have yet to get diagnosed. I’m wondering how patch is doing now?

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