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    Just wanted to pass this along to anyone who price shops their food and stumbles across this site. I recently purchased two bags of Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 28-Pound Bag for around $41.50 per bag, delivered, which isn’t a bad deal. I had the food in 2 days! On my second order, which I placed on 12/14, things went horribly wrong and thus began my quest to help any and all other pet owners avoid this horrible, horrible company. On 12/20, 6 days after I placed my order (remember, only took 2 days the first time), I received 1 of the 2 bags I had ordered. When I called, I was told another would be sent out to me. On 12/21, I received an e-mail stating that the missing bag of food was scheduled to ship 12/22. On 12/31, having run out of the one bag of food that they did send, I tried calling them to find out where that other bag was since it had been 9 days. Of course, they were closed both 12/31 and 1/1, so I sent an e-mail. Today, I finally get a response around noon that just basically said, your item will ship in a few days. This was AFTER my lengthy e-mail about running out of primary food, back up food and having bad weather (0 temps) to boot. No apology, no nothing, just that it would be sent soon. So I called. And I asked for a supervisor, since the lady on the phone was the same lady that sent the e-mail (I suspect they are a small operation), she told me she was a supervisor and the other/her? supervisor was not available. She ended up hanging up on me because I was mad and then sent me another e-mail saying the bag would be shipping soon, as they were out of stock and had talked to their supplier. I e-mailed her back the e-mail I had gotten from another rep on 12/21 saying it was shipping 12/22 and told her there must be a mistake because I had an e-mail stating it was shipping 12/22 and to have a supervisor call me immediately. That was an hour and a half ago and still no call, so I’m going viral, letting everyone and their dog(s) know to stay away from this company. They have an 89% satisfaction rating on Amazon and a C rating on the Better Business Bureau, even though they say it is an “A” on their facebook page. Lying apparently comes pretty easy to this company and having been in customer service in many instances, including my parents having their own retail business, having one with my ex and also being self employed myself now, I just cannot fathom how these people act and are allowed to act. I refuse to support companies that don’t care if they keep me as a customer or not. If my spending $80+ dollars every couple of weeks for a few months on dog food is not important to them, I’ll find someone else who it does matter to. The small savings from using them was sure not worth this. And the saddest part is if they had just e-mailed me and told me that my order was going to be delayed, I would have made arrangements (around all the holidays) to have food on hand instead of counting on them to deliver any day only to find it was never shipped. Thank goodness for wag.com and their super quick delivery. So far, they have really stood out. I hope I didn’t just jinx them. 🙂 So in conclusion, (for those that saw the length and just skipped to the bottom) avoid ozbo.com like the plague. Money is too tight to support companies that treat their customers so poorly.

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    Hi Research Hound, I’ve never used that company…and I thank you for the heads up. I don’t blame you one bit for never using them again.
    I’ve also read your other post about your doggie getting sick on the Earthborn food.
    How is she doing now? I just started slowly transtioning mine on the Primitive Natural just 2 days ago. I’ve never fed them this brand…and of course now I’m worried.
    Can you post back how things are going. I do wish all is better now.

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    Hi Honeybee’smom, My 3 cats have been on the cat formula, Earthborn Primative Naturals Feline for about 10 days & they are loving this food and doing great. My dogs also like the dog formulas. I have not had any problems with EB. I never order online though, as I have a very nice pet store about 10 miles from my house. 🙂

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    Hi Labs! Thank you for that. I did email the company and asked if they get ANY ingredients from China…and she mailed me back a lenthy (sp? lol) email that made me feel good about feeding EB.
    I was out of town and the feed store sells EB so I bought 3 bags of dog and one cat food.
    Come to find out 3 of the 4 bags expired in March!
    So I took those back…and all but the one was expired on shelves. I don’t order online…and come to find out a pet store 20 min. away from me now sells Earthborn. Goody!
    I’m gonna give it a try…I just get worried so easy when it comes to pet food…cause you never know who to trust. Glad it’s working out for your crew. 🙂 Will be going tmrw and getting the bag for my cat and another flavor for the doggies. Thank you much 🙂

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    Honeybeesmom1, I am happy to report that after being on the Pepcid AC, we have not had any a single issue with the getting sick. I’m sorry I scared you, but I really think it is the dog, not the food, as my other three dogs didn’t have any problems at all and I work from home, so I can spot any issues immediately. I really think Abby, the pure labrador, is just not as genetically “tough” as the other three mixed breeds are with ‘stomachs of steel’ as cast offs that I took in as puppies, so they’ve “been around” and their bodies have never acted this way towards ANYTHING they’ve eaten! 🙂 In the 4.5 years I’ve had the lab, she’s had to go to the vet almost more times than my other three dogs have all put together, including each ones’ spaying/neuter trip, if that tells you anything. One is 9 and the two brother/sister pair are 12 1/2, so that’s a lot of trips! lol They all eat the same food, roam the same areas, except Princess Abby demands (as in stands at the door and whines or barks and if that doesn’t work, gets on the windows and ledges and scratches at them) to be indoors most of the time. The others are just happy to have beds, food and water and don’t care to be inside 99% of the time. Thank goodness. In any case, I wish the vet tech I had talked on the phone to over a week ago shortly after this first started had told me to try an antacid, but all the googling in the world never mentioned it as a possible form of relief. So there you know, for future reference. $24.xx dollar lesson learned. And just fyi, wag.com came through in this whole dog food mess. Without even being asked they sent out another bag of food basically overnight when the original bag I ordered seemed to get hung up in the system and could not be tracked, and gave me 50% off the original one I ordered for the inconvenience. Both bags arrived today, so everybody is now off raw/canned and back on dry. I wish I lived near a place that sold the 4.5-5 star foods reasonable, but I don’t. Luckily, with extrabux, fatwallet, ebates, and shopathome, I can usually find a cash rebate place to shop from and all the food is over the $49 min. for free shipping as well as any other discounts the company is offering, including wag.com’s 5% rebate applied to your next order and in their case, you have your food in about 2 days. ALWAYS. It’s nice not having to lug 25-50 lbs. worth of dog food in and out of the car trunk, over to the bin, etc etc. UPS just brings it to the door.

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    Hi Research Hound, Thank you for letting me know…and I’m so glad it’s all worked out! My little Honeybee ( Chi.) isn’t as strong as my others either. And thanks for the Pepcid AC tip. I have to find out on my own about natural remedies for my pets…as my vet is pretty much old school. Labs made me feel a lot better with her post..and now your good news. So glad wag.com came through for you!
    Some company’s could care less about the customers. And again, thanks for the heads up about Ozbo.com. Like I said I don’t order online…but could one day and I sure don’t need that headache.

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    No problem! I’m like you though, I’m terrified when I hear about dogs dying or getting sick from eating some food or treat or whatever, which is why I avoid any china food products for myself and definitely my pets. It’s hard work and very expensive keeping up with the research and only buying top quality dog, cat and chicken foods, but hopefully this keeps everybody healthy for as long as I am able to keep them here on earth with me. I think 90% of vets and even human doctors are old school, unfortunately, which is why I always try to find safer, alternative treatments to health issues for all of us. As far as ozbo.com goes, a quick visit to the Better Business Bureau’s website would have saved me a lot of hassle, but I had a good first time experience (I think that’s their catch), so I thought they were a good company. Wow, was I wrong!! Once Amazon and Vitacost and some of the stellar customer service focused companies set the bar, one forgets that there are other companies that are only interested in your money, not your happiness or possible repeat business. Or the fact that unhappy customers tell waaaaay more people about their crummy experience than they do their good ones. Glad their business is booming so well in these tough economic times to warrant such awful service that they don’t care about my $82 order every 2-3 weeks for months.

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    Yeah it takes one person to say their pet got sick from a food…and my radar goes up. I asked my vet a yr. ago about the product The missing link…and he or his vet tech of 10 yrs. knew what I was talking about. But also think the 2 & 3 star foods are a good choice. I’ve been going there 9 yrs. and have drifted off to other vets – but aren’t any better. I do trust him on alot of things..because if I know it’s not natural or I know my pets don’t need…I tell him no. I’ve learned a lot from ppl here and other pet sites. I had to giggle when you said unhappy customers tell waaay more ppl about their crummy experience than they tell about the good ones…thats so true lol. But that’s their loss. Glad Abby is doing better.

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    Hey Honeybeesmom,
    I know how much you love your pup, so I thought I should let you know that there are serious side effects from Pepcid AC. Here’s what I got from wiki: What side effects may I notice from receiving this medicine?
    Side effects that you should report to your doctor or health care professional as soon as possible:
    agitation, nervousness
    skin rash, itching
    Side effects that usually do not require medical attention (report to your doctor or health care professional if they continue or are bothersome):


    So your pup is going to get these, or worse, giving it to dogs is not on the label. It is a drug, not something that absorbs excess acid… It also masks the real problem, like ulcers, cancer or toxins in their diet or environment. So instead of giving an acid blocker, holistic veterinary nutrition consultant, Susan Griffiths, recommends better quality food plus probiotics and enzymes. She, Shawna & I all like Mercola’s and those two smart women like Garden of Life. I’ve never used Garden of Life so I can’t say, except I trust Shawna. 🙂

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    Hi Toxed, I totally trust what you and Shawna say! I would never give mine anything with out researching….but I did see Pepcid AC at my vets office..and I will admit… I felt it must be a safe remedy for pets. I’ve never used it..and would have looked into it before giving. Thank you for all that info! 🙂

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    You’re welcome Honeybeesmom! 🙂

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    One other side effect of Pepcid AC is that the dog stops throwing up randomly all over your house, too. I love my dogs very, very, very much, which is why I spend well over $100/month on 4.5 to 5 star recommended dog food and treats and chinese herbs and other natural supplements/products and also why I went to the vet as the last resort after trying numerous natural ways for almost two weeks including diet change. She has no side effects and I’m actually weaning her off of them (she is supposed to get 2 a day) after having given them to her for the past 3 days to see if the issue has been resolved. I’m 100% for all natural treatments for my pets, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go the regular vet route so your pet (and sometimes you) can stop suffering. I really wish there was a holistic vet close that I could go to, but since there isn’t and although there are things I don’t like about this vet’s office and her staff, she has been excellent in diagnosing and treating different odd things I’ve brought in, so I do trust her, just not the meds so much that she prescribes. I actually have the Mercola’s digestive enzymes, so why I didn’t think to try that is odd, but my sleep schedule and stress levels have been off the charts lately, so maybe that’s why. I’m going to try it, though, as the next step the vet wanted to do was a thyroid test which costs $80.

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    Hi guys ~~ I don’t have time to read through to the beginning so not sure of the context of this topic. I will say however that I would resort to pepcid AC as a LAST RESORT. Most times when these are prescribed the problem is actually too little acid not too much. Acid blockers work but with consequences. Acid is REQUIRED for the digestion of protein. It is the acid that reaches an acceptable PH that then activates the pepsin in the stomach which is where protein digestion begins. No or low acid means pepsin doesn’t get activated. I would imagine this puts a major strain on the pancreas to generate enough trypsin to digest protein and likely the protein doesn’t get digested and therefore absorbed. I imagine this will eventually show up as poor coat quality and then worse.

    Mercola writes
    “So as you age, it is common to experience heartburn, indigestion and GERD-type diseases, and contrary to what you may think, these diseases are almost typically caused by a reduction in stomach acid, not the overproduction of stomach acid.

    This is news to many, because the drug companies spend loads of marketing money to convince you that heartburn and acid reflux are caused by too much stomach acid.

    The other so-called digestive aids, including the class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors, and H2 blockers (Pepsid AC, Prilosec, Zantac, etc) will actually take you in the opposite direction of optimal health because they shut down acid production, making your problem worse.

    So if drug industry into has fooled you thinking drugs like Pepcid AC and Zantac are addressing the problems in your stomach, or even if you’re taking the common calcium tablets to reduce stomach acid, you’re doing your body three huge disservices:” http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/01/06/what-you-need-to-understand-about-your-digestive-system-to-improve-your-health.aspx

    Thanks Toxed and Honeybeesmom for the props!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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    Thank you for jumping in! Since you seem to be a regular and have some experience on dog ailments? 🙂 here on DFA, here’s how we got to the pepcid ac issue. My lab began vomitting out of the blue about two weeks ago. She hadn’t eaten in probably 12 hours or so at the time, so it was just bile and stomach fluid (on my hardwood floor). She then vomitted more bile liquid again a little while later on my white carpet, off her designated sheet. As I recall, she was fine after that, until the next day, when she just suddenly threw up in my bedroom, right off the designated sheet. Again, just bile stuff as she hadn’t eaten since the previous evening/day. She was fine for the next day or so and then again threw up again in the house, on the white carpet, off the sheet. This lovely ordeal continued as I changed food, went to petburger (hamburger with organs added) and rice, added yogurt, apples, etc. etc. to canned food, trying to get her straightend out. Sometimes she threw up whole food within an hour or two after eating, sometimes it was 12 hours later and partially digested food or sometimes completely undigested food. Sometimes with heaving, sometimes not. She was just all over the board. I called the vet’s office the day before Christmas to see what they thought might be the cause, as she is on top of the line food and none of my other 3 dogs were having any issues and this came out of the blue with no other symptoms at all (she was happy, playful, no stomach tenderness, no temp., drinking normal, etc.). After nearly two weeks of this cycle, I finally gave up on trying to figure out the issue and just took her to the vet who prescribed the pepcid and since taking it on Monday, she hasn’t had a single episode. One can only clean vomit up so many times before desperation kicks in. If that makes me a horrible awful pet owner, then so be it, but without any rhyme or reason to these episodes, I just wanted the madness to stop. It wasn’t like I just booted her outside and told her to go eat her ol’ roy and get over it. I finally barricaded her in the kitchen where she’d be on the vinyl flooring for many hours a day and was strict with her diet as I researched online and tried different things. Having never had a dog suddenly develop this problem, I was at a loss. In case this resumes, what do you recommend, aside from the mercola enzymes, toxed already mentioned? Thank you in advance for any help or advice you might have in case this issue resumes.

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    Hi Research Hound ~~ That is HORRIBLE… I feel for the both of you.. I foster and I’ve had two dogs that would regurgitate from stress. Good stress (like when I came home) as well as bad stress. I TOTALLY get the annoyance and yuckiness of having to continuously clean up vomit… 🙁

    Throwing up bile is often caused by an empty stomach. Recommendations are to feed more frequent smaller meals and to give a treat before bed and upon rising.

    Sounds like your pup is both regurgitating and vomitting. This is odd as both are caused by different reasons. Dr. Becker just released an informative article on regurgitation and vomit. Dogs may regurgitate due to a hypothyroid as an example. She states that vomiting is diet related and can even be an early symptom of inflammatory bowel disease. I’d read her article and see if anything maybe makes some sense. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/12/17/vomiting-vs-regurgitating.aspx

    I’ve read that once on Pepcid etc longer term it may be required for life. Did your vet suggest a temporary trial or was this intended for long term management?

    If you think it might be diet — is there ANY food that was consistant between all the foods you tried. Pea as an example is in almost all kibbles (if not all?). My friends dog can’t tolerate green beans for more than a few days without developing tummy issues.

    You can drive yourself crazy (if you haven’t already 🙂 trying to figure this out. My only concern though, if it is diet that is causing this then the pepcid is symply masking the symptoms while the damage from the original problem continues on to develop into another symptom. Maybe one that is worse than the initial vomiting? Also, I question how much of the protein eaten is actually being digested because of the blocking of acid? Because of this I personally would give a product like SeaCure. It is a protein that is already broken down so doesn’t require acid to digest it. Long term use can have problems of its own but no more so than protein malnutrition I would think. SeaCure is also healing to the digestive tract.

    Wish I could be more help but there’s just too many considerations 🙁 Keep asking questions and talking about it.. Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. BEST OF LUCK!!!

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    Afterthought — if you want to try weaning off the pepcid I would definitely add a little apple cider vinegar to help with digestion (if you think too little acid could be part of the problem — more common in older humans and pets). I would defitely add the digestive enzymes and discuss probiotics with your vet. And defintely check out SeaCure.

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    Thank you so much for the great input! (and understanding!) I actually get Dr. Becker’s e-mailed newsletter and remember that article coming out a little while ago, but because Abby has been on this food in the past and done just fine, I couldn’t imagine that being the cause. At first, I thought it was just a little bug of some sort, like the human version of the flu that would pass. And the vet tech that I talked to said it could be that. I actually keep the empty bags of food in a pile that go into their bin so I know what I’ve had them on in case there are any reactions for better or worse to whatever food they are on. I rotate it about every 3 months. I take their health VERY seriously, so I only give them the 5 star foods and have experimented with no rice, no potatoes, no grain, etc., etc. etc. My 12.5 year old female has a chronic cough and I was told no grains would help with digestion and whatever was causing the coughing, but despite all the foods I’ve tried, she still has it, but the chinese herbs she’s on has kept her from having to take dangerous allergy meds the vet wanted to put her on for life. In any case, I’m hoping we don’t have to go in for the thyroid test that is the vet’s next step, although she felt Abby at 4.5 years old, was too young to have thyroid issues. I think this was intended to be a short term trial thing on the pepcid because she told me to call her wednesday with a report of how Abby’s doing, but I want to give it a bit more time before I do in case she relapses when I take her off of them and put her back on Nature’s Logic chicken, which she’s been on just fine in the past. Whatever happens, none of my dogs will ever be on any harmful meds long term if I have any other choices at all. This was just a case of exhaustion and wits end with all other means I had tried. And I googled this topic to death and could not find a single case of anyone else having this same issue. She didn’t eat anything to block her intestines, she was going to the bathroom just fine, she’d been on this food for about 2 1/2 weeks after having been on it in the past with no problems at all. I gave her petburger cooked, petburger raw, petburger cooked with rice, canned food, canned food with apples, canned food with yogurt, and probably other variations that I can’t recall in my attempts to help her. And she didn’t always get sick during that two week period consistently, so it was hard to know if it was from eating or not eating or what she ate this time or the last time. I keep the food bowls for all four dogs outside with food usually available, so she has/had the option to eat at night before coming in for bed. This routine did not change and has worked for years. It’s just sooo frustrating because there is no real direct link for cause and effect that I can change or avoid to stop or prevent it from happening again.

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    Research Hound,
    I think perhaps I may have unintentionally offended you. When I said to Honeybeesmom that I knew how much she loved her dog, I was not implying that you did not love yours. It was just that I’ve had communications with her before, so I know her a little. It is quite obvious, by reading your posts and the great lengths you’ve gone to, that you love yours equally. I just didn’t want to butt in, and tell you, someone that I had no history with ‘what she should do’, when you’d worked this out with your vet. So I addressed my comment to Honeybeesmom. If my comment seemed to be implying that I thought you didn’t love your dog, I apologize!!! That was not what I thought at all.

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    Toxed, thank you for your apology. Yes, I was offended by your comment to Honeybeesmom, as it seemed extremely snarky, like the girls at the vet’s office who get an attitude when I come in because I don’t necessarily go along with their way of thinking and just being women in general. I’m sure you see all kinds of people on here (and in the ‘real’ world) who just treat their pets like objects or run to the vet for every issue without regard to what may really be best for the dog. I can assure you that is not the case with me and my “kids”. I have no real kids (by choice) and I’d sadly, be more upset to lose one of my dogs then some of my family members. In any case, hopefully by the novels I’ve posted since, you know the whole story, not just the little snippit of how it seemed. Thanks again for the apology. It is appreciated. 🙂

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    Research Hound,
    You’re very welcome. 🙂 We don’t know each other, so it would be impossible for you to know that I’m not deliberately snarky. In fact I work extra hard to try to proof read my posts, editing for anything that may come across as snarky. I’m just not very good at it. I miss a lot. I’m way too blunt. Probably the Autism. But the fact is I just say exactly what I mean. No double entendres. Lots of times it doesn’t come out right. @@ not to the reader, anyway. Sigh. Sometimes I’m trying so hard not to offend someone, I offend them… Knowledge, I got. People skills… Not so good. I guess that’s why I like kids. We communicate the same. Blunt. (Heaven help my friends who ask me if their pants make their butt look big… You know what I mean?)

    Yeah, I had a vet with office girls like that. I changed vets and told the old vet why. I do recognize that even the people doing everything the vet tells them are doing it because they love their pets. That’s why I didn’t try to change your mind. I recognize that not everyone believes what I do, and they have a right to do so. Now my friends, LOL, That’s different. Remember the pants!!?

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    Hi Research Hound, After thinking about it..it wasn’t Pepcid AC I saw at my vets office..it was Milk of Magnesia. I looked that up and said can be used in dogs as a laxative. Also looked up Pepcid AC and said helps vomiting in dogs.
    It’s hard when we don’t have an Holistic vet close by and we have to bite the bullet as you said..and use reg. vet. It’s Esp. hard to use one that doesn’t educate himself on more natural and healthier ways for our pets.
    I don’t even know if milk of magnesia is safe for pets? But I do know pure canned pumpkin is..so i would use that instead anyway.
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you any answers to help with Abby. Shawna is a God send. I’ve learned to ask questions on pet sites…than to ask my own vet. That’s pretty bad. lol
    Hope all is going good with you and Abby is feeling better.

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    Thanks Toxed and I’m glad to hear you aren’t deliberately snarky. 🙂 Most women are, including my own mother, so I tend to have a bloody tongue and avoid those people since it just seems like the bigger thing to do. I would leave my vet in a heartbeat if I knew there was a better one nearby, but where I live, the options are limited and like I said, she’s been very good at getting to the root of problems for the most part, on the first try. I hate that her exam rooms are dirty and her staff is less than friendly, but until another option presents itself, I tolerate it and only go when absolutely necessary.
    Honeybeesmom, Thanks for the pumpkin tip. I’ve seen/heard that repeatedly, but I didn’t have any at the time and the weather was bad, but I’m going to put it on my list the next time I go to the grocery store so I’ll have some on hand. Not sure if Abby’s problem is something pumpkin will fix, but it can’t hurt to try. I only gave Abby one pill yesterday before her first meal of the day and so far she hasn’t had a problem. Thank goodness since at bedtime she snuck out of her enclosure and stood at my bedroom door begging with those big brown eyes to come in. I crumbled and went and got her sheet so she could sleep in the room with me and she was soooo happy. Luckily, I didn’t wake up to her getting sick and she’s outside now eating. Let the anxiety begin (no pills today). I tried to call the vet about 15 minutes ago to talk to her about possible causes, safer home relief, digestive enzymes, etc., etc., but she’d already left for the day so I guess I’m on my own. I left the spotbot out and am preparing for the worst, just in case.

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    Finger’s crossed for you Research Hound!! X

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    thanks for the warning. I had trouble with one company; I ordered specially priced 4 pound bags of Nutrisca, their site said they were in stock but I did not get them. I did get a UPS email with a link saying it’d be here on a certain day, when I called to ask, they gave me a long speech about how good the price is, it;s on backorder, coming such & such day. I finally called and asked them to cancel the order. I wish places would charge your card when they have the food, at least, not when you order.

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    InkedMarie, I agree with not charging your card until it ships. These businesses that sell animal food need to realize that most of us don’t have a long backup supply, so if they tell us they are shipping, we are at the other end waiting! It would have been one thing if I had 4 small miniauture chihuahua’s to feed, but I have 4 over 70 lb. dogs that eat a lot every day. It was just worse because I was expecting it and then all the dang holidays interrupted shipping, so I thought that was the reason for the delay, not because they didn’t ship. I could have ordered from someone else and had more food here in two days if I’d only known, but they didn’t feel giving me a heads up any of it was important, I guess. I got an e-mail from the BBB last week that Ozbo had responded willing to give me my $4.95 shipping back and was shipping the food. I replied, I was out around $75 (probably more) in cost of having to feed raw food for those several days plus pay full price online from another site to get more food here quickly, so I wanted the bag at no charge AND the free shipping. They haven’t gotten back to me. Considering they were the ones that shorted my original order, lied about sending the missing bag and then hung up on me when I called mad because of the lack of caring attitude about it all. I’m not sure if I even want the food from them now, actually. I’m still just in shock about how awful they have been about all of this.

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    I hear you, Hound. I order online, alot. When something says “in stock”, I assume I’m being sent my product, especially when I have an email with a tracking link. Don’t give me some bs when I call that you’re expecting in a pallet. I know lots of people who order from this place but this sort of soured my view on them.

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