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    Leland W

    I have now used Orijen Puppy Food for 10 months with my Basset Puppy, Althea. She’s eaten every bite since day one, has had perfect stools 97% of the time, and has a beautiful shiny coat. I couldn’t be happier!! Because she is now a year old, I am about to transition her over to one of the three Orijen adult foods. We go for a 3/4 mile walk every day and she goes to doggy day care for 5 hours once a week but, other than wandering our relatively small backyard, she doesn’t get much additional exercise. Would any Editor’s Choice members have an opinions as to which of the three might be best?

    Thank You,

    Lee Wimberly

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    Hi Leland-

    Every single Orijen formula is over 450 kcals/cup, which is pretty high in calories. However, as long as you follow the feeding guidelines closely and monitor weight and body condition it should not cause weight gain. Regardless of what food you feed, especially with breeds like Bassett Hounds, watch their weight carefully. Even a few extra pounds is hard on their joints.

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    David B

    I have two Australian miniature Shepard’s. Both were pronounced over weight by vet. I switched to Orijen Adult food and they love it. However in trying to get their weight where it should be I have been feeding 1-1/2 cups per day. One of the dogs weighed 40lbs and the other 23. The larger dog is miniature in size however the smaller dog is small miniature. I Am trying to get them to 23-27lbs. Am I doing the right thing by feeding the amount for the desired weight until they get there or should I do something else?

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    Jenn H

    The amounts on labels are really just guidelines. You shouldn’t feed more than what is suggested, but you can cut back. Feed your dogs according to their ideal size and activity level.
    For example a dog that is overweight probably isn’t getting enough exercise. Therefore they don’t need as many calories & fat.
    I never feed more than the max amt on bag. Even for my girl who is very active and difficult to keep weight on. With her I tend to add 1/2 can. Overfeeding kibble can cause bloat.
    If your dogs seem unsatisfied after meals because you cut back you can always switch to a higher protein food and/or add pure pumpkin, give carrots, sweet potatoes, whole oats, etc. Just watch the fat and overfeeding food.

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    Hi David- This tool on this site has been very accurate in helping me keep both my dogs at an ideal weight. You may find it helpful as well.


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