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    Al D

    HI All First Post,

    Davis is my 5 mo border collie and came to me 9 weeks old on Purina one. He is currently 25 lbs.

    I kept him on Purina for a few months but had multiple problems with moths in the purina kibble (two separate bags) Other than that he did very well on Purina.

    I transitioned him on to Orijen puppy over about 7 days last month but he has not done very well on it.

    He has loose stool and occasional trouble holding it down. I know of him vomiting it up two times.

    I’ve been feeding him per the suggested portions and have cut that back a 1/4 cup. (Current total per day 2/3c twice a day) + treats.

    His energy is good but he is on the thin side. If i up the portions of Origen the problems are worse.

    If I mix in some pumpkin his stool firms up but it goes back to runny when off pumpkin.

    My Local pet store suggested trying Acana Wild Prarrie – as an easy transition from the Orijen.

    My only thought is that Acana/Orijen may be too similar.

    I hate switching up his food again but I have to do something for my little guy.

    I would consider going back to Purina but have read others having the moth problems too.

    I started the transition to Acana today 25% Acana 75% Orijen and will be 100% Acana by this time next week. Im hoping the slightly lower protein and fat will be okay.


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    I would recommend going to Acana. Sometimes going from a lower quality kibble to a higher quality kibble isn’t easy on a dog’s digestive system. Acana’s protein levels are a bit lower and it isn’t as rich as Orijen, yet it is of the same quality. Hopefully this will help with the loose stools. While Orijen is a great food, it isn’t for every dog.

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    One of my dogs did very poorly on Orijen after the reformulation, which resulted in the inclusion of chickpeas and lentils. It could be an issue with an intolerance to some ingredient, of which Orijen has many. Either way, I’d get him off of the Orijen before the problem worsens.

    One food that I found was a great sort of”rescue” food is NutriSource Adult Chicken & Rice. If you needed to get your dog off of something quick, you could try that while you make a decision on what other food to switch to.

    FWIW, I never had luck with any Orijen or Acana foods. What I’ve ended up feeding my sensitive dog is radically different than what I had originally intended to feed him. Start now keeping notes and ingredient panel for every food you feed Davis. I pray you don’t, but you might have a challenging little bigger on your hands like a number of us here do.

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    Going to Acana is a good choice. I had a similar experience with my dog. I tried the Orijen Puppy and it was just too rich for her. I believe I went to the Fromm Grain Free and then to Acana Grasslands after I tried Orijen. I was able to reintroduce Orijen after a while and she did great!
    Orijen and Acana are truly top quality kibbles!

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    Zanes Mom

    My 18 month old Bullmastiff does very well on the Acana. He is on Grasslands now but I also use Wild Pairie and Ranchlands ( he doesn’t seem to like Pacifica.) I do add probiotics and digestive enzymes. If the pumpkin helps him I would continue it through the transition period. Good Luck, I hope it works for Davis. By the way I love his name!

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    Try Acana Singles. One protein source (& one source of fruit) as opposed to five of each. Tummy sensory overload. I’d stay far & clear from Purina, or anything 4-star and under. Why? Always look for controversial ingredients that could trigger your dog because it’s not the protein amount. You can do an allergy testing on your pup to be sure (especially if vomiting is involved).

    If your dog eats too much protein, some will be excreted in the urine and the rest will be used as calories or converted to fat – causing your dog no harm. However, if your dog has an EXISTING kidney problem, high protein diets are not recommended. High protein cannot cause kidney disease.

    My AmStaff pups were born straight into Orijens. Sometimes, I mixed in Merrick, Horizon & Evanger’s to keep it fun. Now at 1 yrs of age, I mix in a little 6Fish (they love that strong smell) & I sprinkle in Cosequin or Omega chews. They are very strong & agile, zero fat, all muscle.

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