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    Michael L

    I have a 9 month old golden retriever. I’ve been feeding him Orijen Puppy Large for the last few months but I suspect that he’s getting allergies from that.
    We’ve been noticing him licking his paws a lot and scratching his nose, also there were some cases of vomiting and swollen eyes.
    After fasting and some benadryl it looks like the issue goes away.
    We also took him to the vet, blood work looks good and x-rays didn’t show anything ( Basically we payed over $600 for them to tell us he might have something in his stomach and he needs to poop).

    Anyhow, I’ve been looking at other brands that I wanted to compare and try out. Any recommendations for Golden Retrievers? Anyone had similar issues like mine? What would you recommend?

    Also, I’ve been looking at the top dog food brands (for instance real meat) and it’s a little pricey for me to pay $100 for 5lb bag.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Oh wow, Michael. Have you gotten him off of this food already? If not, I would right away. It sounds like he’s having some true allergic reactions.

    Personally, I believe that one of the problems with Orijen is that their recipes are so complex, it would be hard to know what exactly were the problem ingredients. Right now, you’re still on the verge of needing to feed a food with controlled Calcium and his being fully grown and it not being the concern it was during his growth phase.

    Either way, I think I’d work on starting to figure out what his allergies are. I’d probably start with a limited ingredient food, like Nature’s Variety Rabbit (which she has an appropriate Calcium level for a LBP) and is a protein that he wouldn’t have been eating with the Orijen.

    And then, it’s entirely possible his allergies are environmental. Lawn applications, fertilizer, pesticides, floor cleaning products, new flooring, detergent, etc.

    Just in case you need it for reference, here’s HDM’s most recent list of 4 & 5 star foods with appropriate Calcium levels for LBP’s: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwApI_dhlbnFTXhUdi1KazFzSUk/preview

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    Michael L

    Thanks a lot 4footedfoodie! I gave him some Annamaet Grain Free Manitok Red Meat yesterday and this morning (with a mix of the Orijen puppy large) and I think it’s already looking better for him. The eyes are not as swollen as yesterday and he’s not puking today. I think I might have proven my suspicion. I’ll monitor for a few days…

    How often would you say you need to switch foods?

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    Hi Michael,

    I’m so glad you’ve already seen an improvement! That’s great!

    The next thing I would do is start some sort of document and keep detailed notes of what you were feeding, when you were feeding it and your dog’s response to it. I’d try to keep the ingredient panels off of the bags, if possible also. This was the way I figured out my Golden’s food intolerance issues. Keep in mind, it’s not just the proteins that can cause problems. Mine is intolerant of all forms of fish, but also chickpeas, lentils, flax and garlic. Have you already compared the Orijen and Annamaet ingredients? Swollen, itchy, water eyes sounds not only miserable, but more like an allergy.

    I had to laugh at your last sentence! Oh my gosh, I switch constantly. : )

    I think right now for your pup, I’d find something that works for him and keep him on it for at least six weeks while the histamine clears completely out of his system.

    But, when I switch, I always rotate proteins (amino acids) and binders. I believe it’s best to rotate between brands for more diversity of ingredients.

    Keep us posted on how things are going!

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    Michael L

    Hi Again,

    So I think it was a little too early to call that success.

    Based on this link /reports/editors-choice/
    I decided to try Annamaet Grain Free Manitok however after two days my dog just stopped eating it. I mean he won’t even sniff it. At first I thought it was still his allergies but once I gave him some of his old food (Orijen puppy large) he finished that in 2 seconds.

    I found this link:
    That talks about Suggested Hypoallergenic Dog Foods
    And more specifically I decided to try ACANA Duck & Bartlett Pear Singles Formula Dry

    This food has limited ingredients and I figured it would be a good place to start as it’s based on duck and not chicken like the orijen one.

    My dog loves it, I mean he chases me when I go get it, which he has never done before (very picky eater).

    However I’m not sure about the dosage and/or if it’s suitable for large breed puppies. My golden retriever is 9 months old and weighs about 83lb.
    The label says that there’s 1.3% calcium which I think should be okay (as per my understanding as long as it’s less than 3.5% it’s all good). Can someone confirm that?

    Can someone confirm that?

    Thanks in advance.

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