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    Kevin R

    I currently give my dog coconut oil on a daily basis, but have a question about it. Does it contain Omega 6 or is it neither Omega 6 nor 3? Also, if I’m gonna add an Omega supplement, should it be one that contains Omega 6 and 3 or just simply Omega 3 since I’m already giving her the coconut oil? Thanks.

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    Kevin R

    Hi all, I just wanted to follow up on this. Currently, I am feeding my dog Acana Duck and Pear and the Omega 6 and Omega 3 ratio is 2:1. I am looking to add fish oil, (Nordic Naturals specifically) to her diet. However, won’t this throw the ratio off as it may already be a little skewed? Thanks.

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    Any fish oil that is in dry dog food mostly dissipates as soon as you open the bag (no matter the quality of the food). This was told to me by a dermatologist/specialist that treated my dog.

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    Hi Kevin R,

    I give my dogs both coconut oil and fish oil. Fish oil is the common source of Omega 3, Poultry and eggs are a common source of Omega 6 and Coconut oil is a common source of medium chain fatty acids. They all have a useful purpose in the diet. I use fish oil to supplement my arthritic dog (but the others get some too) as it’s an anti-inflammatory, along with all of the other great properties.

    Here are some links to help explain all of the various Omegas:

    Red is correct regarding kibble. The long storage and oxydation after opening the bag are likely to destroy the EPA & DHA in the fish oil in dry dog food.

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    An excerpt from “Fats Chance,” written by Steve Brown in the December of 2012 issue of Whole Dog Journal; and what I think is one of the best articles that discusses fats, rancidity, and supplementing with Omegas:

    “I think the best choice is to feed naturally preserved foods that meet freshness guidelines (described in detail below) and that do not contain fish, fish oil, or DHA; then add fresh, high-quality fish or krill oils or sardines yourself.”

    Coconut oil is neither an Omega 3 nor an Omega 6 fat, it’s a medium chain trigylceride.

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