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    Any feedback on this food? debating whether to introduce this line to the store I work at, but my concerns include;

    1) It contains brewers yeast which is a byproduct of beer industry and I have a hard time recommending it for dogs with yeast issues, actually both of my dogs are allergic to it and break out in hives/get ear infections.

    2) It contains chicken fat in all their formulas, even the chicken free ones. I’ve been told that when dogs have meat allergies, its to the protein and not fat, so thats why it can still be used.

    3) It also has “natural turkey and chicken flavor”, no idea what its made up of, I don’t like to see any flavors in dog food.

    Its also kind of high on pea protein and starches which makes it high in fiber and makes dogs poop more.

    But i’d like to hear feedback from people who feed it or have had experience with it, or company.


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    I’ve used the Lamb and Heartland Select. The fosters did fine on them and had good transitions. Their output was formed and med-large. I like to use it for dogs that aren’t used to eating higher amounts of protein. You could contact Nutrisource and ask them what their “natural chicken and turkey flavor” is made of. Would be interesting to know. Also, I don’t think the manufacturer has had a recall.

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    It’s a very good product at a very good price from a trustworthy manufacturer.

    I wouldn’t feed it exclusively, but would as part of a rotation.

    I also actually like their grain inclusive formulas. I once used their Adult Chicken & Rice for my pup with loose stool when I needed to get him off of what he was eating quickly. The switch was very easy, he tolerated the food very well and his stool firmed up immediately. For that reason, I’ve recommended it to others who were in the same boat.

    Even the Super Performance product has its place. I talked to someone who mentioned that her dogs eat it during hunting season.

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    I have used both grain free and grain inclusive in our rotation. Never had any major concerns during use. They did get soft stool going from Arcana to the grain free the first time, so I simply moved it in the rotation to follow a more similar food. Good food at a reasonable price.

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