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    Kate L

    My french bulldog is reactive to everything on 2 pages of lists except lamb and tofu. Has anyone had experience with the Nutriscan? He shows signs of IBD and reflux. . .regurgitates a LOT. Loose stools (not diarrhea, but pudding and loose). He’s on Instinct LID lamb/peas but according to the Nutriscan he’s reactive to lentils which would knock out peas. I simply cannot find a dog food he can eat! Suggestions? This one increased his regurgitations and loose stools, not helped it.

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    ZiwiPeak Lamb formula, raw dehydrated. Requires no mixing or freezing. Has zero fillers, balanced vitamins.

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    Hi Kate,

    I know you just spent about $275 on the NutriScan, but I recently had a food sensitivity test by Glacier Peak Holistic. The test results are the result of biofeedback energy collected from DNA on hair and saliva samples you send them. My test results are extensive. It tests 34 animal proteins plus numerous other fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, spices as well as environmental sensitivities. Plus, it makes recommendations for beneficial supplements. It also identifies possible concerns to address with your vet. The test was $85. My test result yielded some surprises. I talked to two friends who received their test results at the same time and they feel the results are highly accurate based on past elimination diet results.

    Here’s a link:

    One problem with lamb, is that it’s frequently high in fat. So I understand, are you looking for a food that is lamb based and pea free? One that comes to mind is California Natural Lamb and Rice if you’re not opposed to grain.

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    Hi Dogfoodie-
    I didn’t want to hijack this thread, but the op hasn’t been back, so I think I will! I was wondering what your test results were? Have you been able to make the necessary changes to make your pup more comfortable? Did you have to go through your vet to take the test? I sure hope it was helpful.mi know you’ve had a rough time!

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    Kate L

    The only protein foods he was NOT reactive to were lamb and soy (I won’t be feeding him soy!). I am in contact with Diana Laverdure (co-author of “Canine Nutrigenomics” co-written with W. Jean Dodds, DMV). Jean has helped me tremendously with canine issues in the past with another dog. Thyroid. Anyway, I am on the path of getting a proper diet for my French Bulldog now! I have not had time to make any changes. they are forth coming.

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