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    I have an 11 year old 20lb dog. My vet isn’t happy with his teeth giving he chews very few things. After spending easily a hundred dollars or more in the past year experimenting (and I’m a college student) the only winners are duck feet and nylabone healthy edibles. I even bought a chicken flavored flexi-chew nylabone and no dice. I’ve already tried rawhides, bully sticks, antlers, the lot. My vet said greenies no longer work because they had to make the formula softer due to issues. I was wondering if nutrident was any better given I have no other option.

    Could it at all be safe to just give him a one size up healthy edible as well? That way he would have to work on it longer.

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    I don’t know what that product is (nutrident) but I wanted to suggest ProDen Plaque Off (a seaweed) and some oral gels (Petzlife Oral Care or Mercola and other similar products). Have you tried raw chicken feet? I’m not sure what the size difference would be to compared to duck feet. My boys also like beef rib bones, roasted trachea, cow hoof and pig snout. Just throw those away when they become soft enough to swallow whole.

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    I don,t know what exactly the nutrident but I am agree with pugmomsandy. You should try some oral gels as well as beef rib bones, roasted trachea, cow hoof and pig snout. This will surely help your dog.


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