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    Patricia A

    I always relied on The Dog Food Advisor’s reviews for feeding my three Chihuahuas’ safe nutritional food. Not an easy task to figure out myself since one is 16, the other chubby and the youngest very picky eater. But someone posted in the comment section that The Advisor gave 4 stars to Hills Science Diet Puppies which is lit up in red with corn, wheat, soy or glutens . Am I missing something here?

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    Hi Patricia-
    There is so much valuable information on this site. I never knew there were so many brands of food and that they all varied so much in protein, fat, calories, etc. until I found this site. Use this information to rate the food however you wish! Some dogs do well with different foods and ingredients.

    I for one, have no issue with the ingredients that you listed as long as they are grade 1 quality and are in the correct amounts to make the food complete and balanced. Finding a brand that you trust is of the utmost importance!

    Good luck with your pups and feed whatever your dogs do well on and you feel comfortable with!

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    This is my first day on this site and I’m already more than confused. I’ve had Chi’s for a long time and always fed them Royal Canine. Never had any problems with it and my dogs have lived full lives.

    I’m about to adopt a dobie and the some of the rescue ppl don’t like the RC ingredients. So as I search I’m just about lost now.

    I guess it will just take time to sort through everything.

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    Hi Nifty-

    If RC works for you then use it. The rescue can not decide for you what you feed your pet.

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    joanne l

    I would go by the dog. if he likes it and he seems healthy feed it.

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