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    Brian S

    I am having trouble in choosing a food to choose for my daschund. He is on merrick back country now. There are so many foods to choose from just not sure which is the best. Can anyone help me with choosing a good food for my miniature daschund?

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    Patricia A

    Well one thing i’ve learned is that what’s best for one dog does not always work for yours. But I recently switched from Fromm with canned topper for my two Chihuahuas. I’m having success with Stella cheesy raw coated kibble but it’s expensive However they get VERY little of that with a topper now of Primal freeze dried. Very east since you just add the little bit of kibble and break up the freeze dried and add a little warm water to rehydrate. Bothe foods got high reviews. Many different protein types being Venison, Rabbit, Chicken, duck and their favorite Turkey and Sardine. Just have to make the change VERY slowly. Also of course whenever I have chicken I boiled some breasts for them with some carrots, string beans, tiny pieces of steak if they get lucky that day and also sometimes we have boiled salmon so get they a topper of that occasionally. We had a mini dachshund years ago and I know they tend to get back problems . So tried to always keep him trim.Hope this helps.

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    Brian S

    Thanks, for the feed back. I will try this and see what happens.

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    Nyree P

    I’m in the same boat. I’m switching from Natural Balance Sweet Potato and fish and I want another food. I feed my dog Weruva canned food and she loves it and I like how it looks like food. I wanted to switch to Weruva dry just because I like the canned so much however 1. It is VERY expensive. 2. Nobody stocks it. 3. Although they give it 5 stars on this site it is not one of their top selections and there are not a lot of reviews on it. So….as I research the Wellness brand keeps popping up so I think I’m going to try that. The reviews on the fish flavor say their dogs fur is very shiny and soft. Multiple people said this. Multiple reviews also said it was food for dogs that have itchy skin or are prone to rashes. I have a Boxer and her skin is very sensitive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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