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    Harpers Mom

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to add a new food to Harper’s rotation!
    Right now she is on Fromm 4 star grain free foods (beef, lamb, pork,salmon), she absolutely loves them and is doing very well! She also gets 4health canned as toppers. In the past we have tried Earthborn, Merrick, and Simply Nourish, and TOTW . She did fairly well on Earthborn, she couldn’t handle how rich the Merrick was, she is allergic to chicken so SN is out because every recipe has chicken, and I don’t really like diamond products.

    So as of now her rotation is Fromm, and Earthborn.

    I want to expand this but I don’t know what foods to try next. She does well on grain free/ chicken free, with a protein around 30%.

    Any recommendations will be helpful!

    -Harpers Mom

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    Some of my current favorites are Wellness Core, Dr. Tim’s, and Horizon Legacy.

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    Nutrisource grain free Lamb is 31% protein and Seafood Select is 28%. I’ve used both and would use them again.

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    Wellness CORE definitely! They have a fish one. The others all have chicken, with a possible exception of the Wild Game one. The new Nutro Ultra grain and gluten free recipes look interesting, as well.

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    Akari-Someone gave me several bags of nutro grain free. Can’t remember if it was ultra or not, but I fed it and all did well. Nutro is not a food I would normally use, but figured what the heck, the bags are small, lol. They loved all of them especially the venison.

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    Ultra is the tan bags. I’ve not used any of the Ultra or Grain Free ones, but my dogs do well on the green LID Puppy Lamb and Rice one. It’s not a food I use often either, but I do tear myself away from Wellness every couple of shopping trips for the dogs sakes lol I figure Del Monte is a better choice than Diamond, Mars or P&G. I’ll actually be trying the Wholesome Essentials puppy next. Got that really cheap! $2.65 a 5lb bag 🙂 Both of these are grain inclusive though. I tend to buy only their puppy foods, since they rank at 4 to 5 stars, though I do have a few wall bags of the “Young Adult” Wholesome Essentials. Whatever “young adult” means… LOL

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    Victor Yukon River. Grain & GMO free. I buy it local at 30lbs $42. Here’s the PDF.

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