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    Bianca S

    Hi all,

    I’ve recently switched my 2 pugs over to raw. 1 has a particularly sensitive stomach so was expecting issues with her. So to begin with I had them on their normal kibble for breakfast and chicken wing for dinner. After about 1week of diarrhoea not resolving ( to clarify she gets the diarrhoea a few hours after dinner, it gets worse after a bit nightly walk but usually settles after a couple of hours before bed time)with the sensitive dog so I decided to just eliminate the kibble all together and fed a pre packed mince raw diet chicken patty in the morning and continued with wing at dinner. After a few days still not resolving I alternated carcass and wing th inking more bone would help to naturally settle things. Things were ok for about 2 days. She then seemed to get constipated which she got out followed by diarrhoea. I thought too much bone so gave a drumstick for dinner. However the next morning she has really bad diarrhoea (the worst she’s had yet, all over her bed & floor). So now I’m stuck and not sure if I should eliminate the prepacked laggy and draw things right back to carcass & wing only and take things slower from there. Note we have started raw 2weeks ago.
    Thanks for your help in advance, I feel so lost!

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    As much as I love feeding my dog raw or home cooked, some dogs just can’t handle raw.

    I also always believe that a dog with good genetics should never be transitioned to food. It should just happen. Humans don’t need to transition from eating raw sushi one day to cooked lasagna. Neither should a pup. This transition phase is just a sign that breeders are not genetically breeding good dogs.

    My pup can. I feed him all different kinds of raw and cooked proteins and switch from kibble to can to raw none stop.

    Going back to your question, If I was you I would stick to the good quality kibble you were normally feeding them. Then throughout the week just top his kibble with some good raw proteins or cooked proteins.

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