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    Hi All,
    I am a new Yorkshire Terrier owner. He just turned one on June 26th. We received him from my sis in law who for a variety of reasons couldn’t keep him any longer 🙁 With him I received a bag of Purina and a bag of Kibbles and Bits dry food. Also some cans of Mighty Dog canned food. Ive never been a dog owner but after finding this site I see that those foods are not good at all. Can you please recommend a good food for him? I am on a budget but want to feed him good food.

    Also she told me she mixes half a can of the wet food with some kibble twice a day. Is this a good feeding schedule with good amounts of food? Should I always mix the wet and dry foods or keep them separate?

    And finally, she also sent a small beefhide bone that he seems to love and spends alot of time gnawing on. It actually came in a pack of four and he he has 3 left. Are these any good?

    Thank you in advance!! I will love your suggestions on good budget friendly foods and treats. Also any suggestions from veteran Yorkie owners on any topic about them not just food!!

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    Mixing wet and dry food is great. I can’t suggest foods for you because I don’t know what has small kibble sizes, but someone else will see this soon and have ideas.

    About the rawhides, does the package say where they were made or if they are natural hides? Throw out anything made in China because you never know what chemicals may be in it. If they are not natural rawhides, then they were treated with something to bleach them and it is unlikely to be something good. However as long as you only give them very occassionally they are unlikely to do damage, but it is something that I would only use rarely, just to be safe.

    Congratulations on your new family member!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi CharlieBrown –

    It’s great that you’re looking to switch your pup to a better food 🙂

    Victor is budget friendly and has very small kibble. Fromm Classics are reasonably priced – I’ve never used the classics but I know their 4 Star and Gold lines both have small kibbles so I’d assume the classics would as well. NutriSource has a small/medium breed puppy formula that is small and pretty cheap. That’s all I can recall off the top of my head for small kibble and reasonable price. I’m sure Sandy will know some more.

    For canned food I’d recommend checking out either Pure Balance (available at Walmart), 4Health (available at Tractor Supply) or Kirkland Cuts & Gravy (available at Costco) – all are $1 or less for a large can and rate 4 stars or higher.

    If you want to give him something healthy to chew on that’s also cheap, I’d recommend picking up some raw bones from the butcher. Bully sticks, pig ears and dried tracheas (from quality sources) are healthy chews too but they can be pricey.

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    Thanks so much! Your information has been so helpful! I have spent all day researching and plan on buying his new food tomorrow. What is your opinion of Simply Nourish? and the Rachel Ray brand?
    Also which treats would you recommend?

    Pattyvaughn, I dont know where they were made because the package was missing the top part that would have that info.

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    Amicus, Nutrisource Small/Medium Breed Puppy, Nutrisource Grain Free Lamb, Nature’s Logic, Nutrisca and Epigen, Wellness Small Breed and Wellness Core Small Breed are all tiny-small kibbles. And when on a better food, he should eat less than he is now on his current food so a medium size bag should last you some time. I wouldn’t get a large bag because it would be left open for too long a time. And you don’t have to feed just one brand. Pick a couple that he likes and does well on. For a chew bone, you can give him a beef rib bone or a pork rib bone. Simply Nourish has small kibble too. I pug-sat one that was eating the small breed formula.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Simply Nourish is a pretty good food, I’ve never fed it so I’m not sure about the kibble size. The only RR formula I’d recommend is the new Zero Grain formula – the kibbles are big though.

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    Simply Nourish is a fine food and the kibble is small. Their canned food is awesome, too! 4Health, Tractor Supply’s private brand has a small bite kibble that’s really reasonably priced, around 1.00 lb…but remember to get their small bites because their other foods may be too large size kibble. Their grain free canned food is good, too, and only .99 a can! I will also recommend, like the others, Wellness Small Breed, Earthborn, Merrick, Holistic Select, Nature’s Variety.

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    Hi All
    Just wanted to update with my choices. I went with Earthborn Holistic for small bread dry food. I also got Simply Nourish canned food and some Nutro Ultra canned that are small tub like containers like Cesar comes in. Sooo I hope I did good on my new dog food venture!

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