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    Gina N

    So, I just started my little guy on frozen raw beef niblets from Vital essentials. I have read lots on the company, and feel comfortable???? I’m such a nervous nelly….can anyone give thoughts on this subject? Thank you 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    From my experience with it, Vital Essentials is a great company. As with any food though, rotating brands periodically would be a good idea though.

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    I haven’t used VE’s frozen raw, but I use their freeze dried and I love their products. Definitely rotate food brands and protein sources.

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    Ann-Marie M

    I like their treats that they have that are beef tripe! I haven’t tried their frozen raw yet, but have heard good things about the company. I live in WI and they are in Green Bay, so I also like to support a local company. I feed my mini Schnauzer Baxter frozen raw rabbit from Stella and Chewy’s which is also local in Milwaukee. I like the idea of feeding him something that is his natural prey (rabbit), but probably should rotate protein sources.
    What have you all heard about Nature’s Variety frozen raw? Good or bad?

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    Gina N

    thank you so much everyone! 🙂 it always helps to hear from paople who have had experience with the product, or of like products. I’ve been on the fence for so long about raw ( I am the nervous nelly) but from what I’ve read and now heard from fellow parents of fur babies , this eases my mind. I haven’t heard much about the Natures Variety raw, but I have read on this site that there have been recalls in the past.

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    Hi Gina,

    My toy breeds (I have eight) and foster dogs (Boston Terriers and Papillons) all get raw or some raw. Between my own and my foster dogs, I’ve had more than 30 dogs on raw and never had a problem with even one of them to date. I actually have had two foster dogs that could not digest kibble well at all but did fantastic on raw.

    For the record, I do have one dog that I will not feed raw edible bones to as she is a gulper and has choked on chew treats before. If she tries to swallow a chew treat that is too large she is likely to try to swallow a bone that is too large. I mainly feed ground, commercial raw but wanted to mention that..

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    Gina N

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for all of the input. The update on my Gus isn’t good ( for raw food.) He started out wonderfully ( except for some gas) but then within the last few days, he’s become very restless and itchy 🙁 he’s even starting to tunnel on the floor and the bottom of the couch. Not sure what to do because my vet wants him on a HD diet and from what I’ve read about those, they aren’t good. Thoughts? He was on Natures Variety lid lamb kibble, but got tired of it and seems to want only beef, but he needs limited ingredient and grain free.

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    Primal has a great starter kit that has lamb, beef, chicken and duck. There are only four oz of each but it is not expensive and has a variety. I personally like primal because of the quality ingredients and amount of produce seems to be more than other commercial raw.

    See if he likes any of the other proteins.

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    Please don’t misunderstand what I’m am going to put here because I don’t know your vet. The vet wants your dog to eat the product that he sells. If a person’s only tool is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.

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    I wrote articles about raw diet in my blog essentiallydogs.com. It is great to hear that others are learning the importance of a proper diet. About switching brands, there is really no need to do that. I simply switch the formulas. For example, one day beef, next day chicken… I feed my girls Barfworld. B stands for biologically, A stands for appropriate, R is Raw, F is Food. I have arranged that people who mention essentiallydogs.com will get free shipping for a year. In order to get that promotion, you have to speak directly to Al. I made the arrangement with him. 1-866-282-2273. Vital Essentials DOES look like a good one, but my dogs have done so well with Barfworld. I DEFINATELY prefer raw to dehydrated or freeze dried.

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