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    Abby S

    Our 2yr old beagle/lab mix has had an other round of diarrhea. I’ve had a fecal done and it is negative. He is currently on American Natural Premium: Sensitive Digestion. He previously ate Blue Buffalo but did far worse on it. I’ve also started him on a probiotic (his food also has them). He is doing his Nth round of Metronidazole. Even on all of this he has softer poop then he should. His vet wants to put him on a prescription food (it extremely pricey and from them of course). If that is what we need to do then we will but I am looking for other advise. I should mention that he is a high anxiety dog ( submissive peeing, pacing, cowering, and the like). Also has anal gland issues but not so bad we need to have the vet treat them. Thanks for the help!

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    Hi Abby, he may have IBS, my boy has IBD, I resuced him about 19months ago, Patch is also a stress head, so maybe this has something to do why they get IBS, Patch also has been on the Metronidazole a couple of times in the begining & had anal gland problems, vets put Patch on the Eukanuba Intestinal in the end, since being on the vet Diet Eukanuba he’s been doing real good, his anal glands dont need expressing by vet no more….when I tried to change his kibble last December I didnt realise that he cant handle too much fat, Ive found if the kibble is around 10%-12% fat he’s Ok, no diarrhea, also I have to keep him on a lower protein kibble & the Eukanaba Intestinal low residue is 23% protein 10% fat & 1.75% fiber, I think in America you have the IAMS but the ingredients are different to the Eukanuba has no by-products & lower fat & lower fiber then the Iams low residue kibble..I’d try the vet prescription, if you cant get Eukanuba Intestinal then the Royal Canin low fat is similar with fat% Protein % & fiber %.. Ive had to have Patch just on the Eukanuba for around 6 months, no treats nothing else, just his Intestinal kibble, vet said his bowel needs to rest & heal then when his poos were excellent.. I started to sooooo slowley tried now foods, also Wellness Simple is good with Limited ingredients, I’m slowley adding the Duck & Oatmeal kibble with his Intestinal the fat is 11% protein is 19% Protein is a bit low but if he doesnt get sloppy poos or diarrhea thats excellent, I also give him a small tin of tuna in spring water drained then mixed with about 2 big tablespoons of pumkin for breakfast, next week Im going to add a boiled egg to the mix as I half the mix for the next morning aswell..the Tuna & egg will boast his protein a bit more, I also use a good dog probiotic…Ive read that the prebiotics in the kibbles get damaged from heat & when transported if left in the heat or sun, so ur better off given ur own probiotic awell & a kibble with FOS.. I try not to let Patch stress & keep his routine the same everyday, I feed him the same time everyday, walk him same time, I also take him everywhere with me, well where I can, he loves meeting people..If I change something in his day, Ive noticed he’ll be real whinging & have his pain that night & next morning.
    In Australia the Wellness dog kibbles are dearer then the vet prescrition diets, I dont know why, I pay $32 for 2kilos of the vet Eukanuba Intestinal & the Wellness Simple is $37 for only 1.8kilos…try to make him feel secure & in time he’ll learn to trust again, when I first got Patch he wouldn’t let me out the front door without crying & whinging, then he learnt that she just going shopping so when he sees my shopping bag he knows she’ll just be about 20min & she’ll come back & I give him his second bit of breakfast, I break Patches meals up into 5 meals a day, I found he couldnt stomach real big meals at once…its sad alot of these rescues have had it hard, not all, my last rescue was healthy wasn’t nervous but she was younger… Patch is 5 years time things do get better.

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    M A

    Hi Abby,
    I have a rescue beagle ( approximate age 11 1/5 to 12 yrs old) that has many of the same issues as your dog (submissive peeing, cowering, separation anxiety, etc.). She had several bouts of diarrhea and stools with consistency of soft serve stools. Fecal stool samples were negative. The only thing she responded to was home cooked chicken and rice but still had the soft served stools. We tried salmon and sweet potato (bad diarrhea) and Royal Canin Sensitive Diet (still diarrhea). Finally did the Royal Canin Gastro-Intestinal High Fiber Response Diet. Now she normal stools. She gets about 3 small carrots a day so her stools don’t get so hard. Also, her eye drainage has almost stopped. It cost about $36 for an 8.8 lb bag. She is a much happier pup! Hope this helps!

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    Hi Abby, just becareful with cooked rice, if he does have IBD as the rice irritates the bowel more & causes more diarrhea, I found grounded rice in kibbles to be OK but not the whole cooked rice, also if its the small intestine having the irritation you need less fiber, if its his large intestine you’ll need more fiber, u’ll just have to see & take thing soooo slow & u’ll start to work things out…Good-Luck

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