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    Michael R

    We are planning to start a pet food processing company. Looking forward to the registration and licensing procedures. As the customers are looking for high quality, we are giving more priority for the food quality. Customer satisfaction will be our aim. I would like to get your suggestions for my new business. We are planning for the online and offline promotion methods. To improve the food quality, we are planning to avail the food quality management. Hope this will help in the ISO certification too. Need suggestions.
    Need to hire more employees for ensuring the quality. Any other strategies will be highly appreciated.
    For the dog food items, we have selected the kibble and the semi- moist food to start with. After few months, we will include moist and frozen food too. Is it a good move?
    Thanks in advance

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    Susan W

    Sounds like a good plan. You might want to make sure the moist & frozen don’t come too soon after launch – you might be getting in a little over your head. I.e. perfect the first 2 before branching out. As a consumer, I really like samples as opposed to coupons. Also, FYI – I’ve been told by a couple of different food manufacturers that sending free food to shelters, and disaster crises is a waste as they get SO MUCH. Benebone does a thing where they send a free bone (or bones) from those who sign up from a drawing. He’s a nice man who will likely give you some times if you call him.

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    Susan W

    I’m not sure if this is appropriate or not, but I have some other ideas for you. I tried to find a way to PM you here, but didn’t see it. If you could email me at dbccopywriting@gmail, I might have a few more thoughts/suggestions for you.

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    lora p

    Good to hear. All the good wishes.

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    Nathan J

    New to this site so have no idea if I’m hitting right thing or not. But curious anyone would know what could be wrong with our dog. Vet visits are so high these days. But we have almost 8 year half blue heeler and half jack russel (mainly blue heeler. Very spoiled but medical alert dog to. She still eats treats and her daily vitiam but she won’t eat her food for almost two days now. Also she refuses to go outside which is out normal for her. Curious if anyone has any ideas what might be wrong or maybe she bored with food? Like I have read. She has had diarrhea some. One minute is normal bowl movements next it isn’t:

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    Is she drinking water? If not I would bring to the vet asap. Otherwise, I would give it no more than one more day (72 hours) Sudden changes in appetite and behavior are a red flag.
    If she is a medical alert dog I assume you may have pet insurance.
    Before you assume that her symptoms are food related you need to rule out a medical cause.
    Sorry, there is no way around this. Only an exam and diagnostic tests (as indicated) by a veterinarian can give you the answers you want.
    I would not look for veterinary medical advice here or any other forum. When she is medically cleared come back for some dog food ideas. Good luck

    PS: I might even consider going to the emergency vet, depending on the severity of her symptoms if your regular vet can’t fit you in.

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    PS: She is due for a senior workup anyway (unless she has had one recently). That usually includes lab work.

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    Marie P

    She will need to see the Vet. Since you are on a budget, let your Vet know you can spend __________ as this is your limit. Bring in a stool sample and have them do a basic CBC blood test. Explain you are on a limited budget at this time.

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