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    Pugsmomsandy and anybody that understands test results. His CPk was55(low)scale 59-895. His WBC was19.0 range (4.0-15.5) differential neutrophili was high absolute 15200 (2060-10600) basophils (high) 190 (0-150) t4<0.5 (low) range 0.8-3.5. In his urinalysis specific gravity 1.059 (high) 1.015-1.050 protein 1+(high) my vet was only concerned with the t4 started him on 1/2tablet twice a day. Tylosin for loose stools.he has been sick for a week but I thought he was getting better because of being on rice and chicken since Sun. Toiled me to find a good kibble to start mixing with his rice and chicken and would retest in 6 weeks.what does this mean. I’m concerned about the protein in the urine because I lost a dog to renal. Can someone help me understand these numbers thanks

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    That is beyond me, weezerweeks! Although it looks like he is under stress. I had some weird test results before I started my thyroid pills though, even elevated liver enzymes.

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    HDM and patty can u explain these scores. I know ya’ll have vet experience. Thanks any help on what kibble would be appreciated too!

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    I really can’t help you with specifics other than to say that some of these numbers are barely outside of normal and would not be considered anything unless they are way outside of normal and that thyroid disease can affect a great number of things. Your vet will retest and at that time, he may find it appropriate to address some of these numbers if they are still off, but I think you will likely find that getting the thyroid issue dealt with will take care of the other stuff.

    One of the considerations when the test results are so near normal is that there are many things that can affect those numbers. You will get numbers that are slightly off and it really means nothing unless it gets way worse, presents with particular symptoms, or proves to be off over time.

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    I agree with the others. The results are not outrageous that mame me say “ut oh”. Yes, there are guidelines of what is considered normal, but what is normal for yours? Do you have previous blood results from within the last year to compare?

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    Hi weezerweeks,

    I found this site which may be helpful, you can look up explanations for various changes in the blood and urine tests. http://www.2ndchance.info/dxme.htm

    It looks like high neutrophils can be from stress/ excitement, inflammation, or infection.

    It says increased basophils are not common and can be seen with allergies, parasites.

    Regarding the protein in the urine I found this on that site “High specific gravity (very concentrated urine) makes small amounts of protein leakage appear greater than they really are. The opposite is also true; protein of any amount in very dilute urine is a more worrisome finding than the same amount in a concentrated urine sample.”

    I found this article on diagnosing thyroid disease, but it is pretty technical.


    It sounds like if the T4 is normal it means the dog doesn’t have a thyroid problem but if it is low it means other tests should be done to confirm if there really is a thyroid problem. According to this article if your dog is sick it can lower the thyroid hormone making the dog look like it has a thyroid problem when it doesn’t. “Euthyroid sick syndrome (ESS) refers to a condition in which dogs have a nonthyroidal illness (NTI) that suppresses the concentration of circulating thyroid hormones.”

    Hope your dog gets well soon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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